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“Denny’s has a heritage for serving late-night meals to bands and music fans dating back to the 1950s, and the Rockstar menu is a great way to celebrate that history."
—-Mark Chmiel, Denny's Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer


New Allnighter Rockstar Menu Features Rascal Flatts, Good Charlotte, Gym Class Heroes and Sum 41
Never mind the Grand Slam. Denny's is now rocking their menu and longtime customer Rodney Binghenheimer should be pleased.

The breakfast destination is looking to attract a young clientele by introducing a Rockstar menu as part of its ongoing Allnighter program to provide customers with food and entertainment from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Among the menu items are Rascal Flatts’ Unstoppable Breakfast, along with items from bands such as Good Charlotte, Gym Class Heroes and Sum 41. The chain has also sponsored on-stie live concerts by new bands such as me talk pretty as part of its Adopt-a-Band inititative.

“Denny’s has a heritage for serving late-night meals to bands and music fans dating back to the 1950s, and the Rockstar menu is a great way to celebrate that history,” said Mark Chmiel, chief marketing and innovation officer for Denny’s. “Bands from the two previous Rockstar menus really enjoyed working with our chef to create premium items that not only reflected their personalities but tasted great.”

Rascal Flatts worked with the company’s chef to create their own entrée, a biscuit topped with country-fried steak, eggs, American cheese, country gravy and three strips of bacon, served with a side of hash browns. We're getting heart palpitations just writing that.

The new Rockstar menu, with items starting at $3.99 will be available in Denny’s nationwide starting June 23.

Among the features are Good Charlotte’s Band of Burritos, Gym Class Heroes’ After School Special (Texas toast topped with hash browns, a fried egg, shredded cheese, bacon, fire-roasted peppers and onions and a side of Ranchero country gravy) and Sum 41’s The Sumwich (two slices of French toast sprinkled with powdered sugar and filled with ham, cheddar cheese and eggs, with hash browns and a side of syrup for dipping).

Past Denny’s Rockstar menus have featured The Hooburrito (Hoobastank), Plain White Shake (Plain White Ts), Melty Grilled Chicken and Sausage Quesadilla with Taking Back Bacon Burger Fries (Taking Back Sunday) and The Great Eggsteak (Boys Like Girls).

The Denny’s Allnighter program also features the Adopt-a-Band initiative, which not only provides up-and-coming bands with free meals, but allows fans to hang out and spend personal time with bands following concerts at predetermined Denny’s locations. In fact, these late-night Adopt-a-Band parties often become extensions of a concert through impromptu acoustic jam sessions. To date, more than 30 bands including Katy Perry, Saving Abel and Forever the Sickest Kids and me talk pretty have benefitted through the program.

For more information on the Allnighter program, including the new Rockstar menu and Adopt-a-Bands, go to www.dennysallnighter.com.