HITS Daily Double
Yael will follow her debut album Common Ground (critically acclaimed in her native Chile) with a five-song EP, which she’s cutting now in L.A. with Bill Lefler.


The Land of the Giants (and Jets) Beckons, and Our Dynamic Duo Heeds the Call

The Wheels crew heads to the Big Apple this weekend. Jesse will be there with Metalkpretty as they rock their hearts out for their VMA NYC Breakout Performance nod, while Erica will be getting into all kindsa VMA/Fashion Week trouble—so be sure to get a hold of us if we’re in your hood. And as always, keep the tunes fresh at [email protected].

Yael Meyer
(www.myspace.com/yaelmeyer; @yaelmusic): Santiago, Chile-born singer/songwriter Meyer always had a pull toward music. She started humming tunes as soon as she figured out how to put her lips together and hasn’t stopped since. Yael began formal piano training at age 5, songwriting at 8 and guitar at 13. She left Chile for a scholarship to Berklee College of Music, where she expanded on her love of music and surrounded herself with others who inspired her dream. Yael will follow her debut album Common Ground (a top 50 selection in the Chilean edition of Rolling Stone) with a five-song EP, to be released this fall. She’s cutting it now in Los Angeles with Bill Lefler (Ingrid Michelson, Lindsay Ray, Fall Out Boy, Gym Class Heroes), so stayed tuned here for updates on her touring schedule.

The Silent Years
(www.myspace.com/thesilentyears; @thesilentyears): These five folk-rockers just have that easy listening quality about them. Immediately after bumpin’ the tunes from their latest EP Let Go in our headphones, we were in a trance. The band is currently in L.A. working on a new album and will be touring in October and November. They’re signed to indie label SideCho in the U.S., Moonworks in Japan and Gift Music in the U.K. Give them a listen—we’re sure you’ll be singin’ along with their songs just as we were. Our favorite track is "On Our Way Home."

Diane Birch
(www.myspace.com/dianebirch; @dianebirch): Performing "Nothing but a Miracle" on The Today Show, airing this very morning (9/11). Next up, Diane will be recording a live session for iTunes. And if you’re in the L.A. area next week, be sure to catch her at Spaceland next Wednesday night (9/16).

Early States
(www.myspace.com/earlystates; @earlystates): The Sacramento based alternative rock band has signed to Wind-up Records. Legal rep: Ben McLane, Esq. ([email protected]); Mgmt. rep: Jake Versluis ([email protected]).