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"We're accelerating the plan because of the undeniable competitive opportunity presented by this market."
—-John Hogan, Clear Channel


Rollout of Regional and National Programming Dubbed “Premium Choice”
Clear Channel management is meeting in Dallas, where the company has unveiled what it is calling "a multi-point plan to raise the bar for radio programming across all dayparts and platforms, including online and mobile."

The newly dubbed “Premium Choice” plan includes the introduction of national and regional programming, spreading its on-air talent base to local PDs across all dayparts.

The second part of the plan is to offer local community focus and support.

Clear Channel President/CEI John Hogan said: "Our programming objective is to increase audience size and engagement across all dayparts and all platforms. At the same time, we face a particularly difficult economy that makes it extremely challenging for some local stations to invest in developing the highest-quality programming and talent. So despite the difficult economy, we see enormous long-term opportunity in investing in things that immediately improve the competitive situation of our stations."

According to the company, programmers will have "total choice and flexibility in choosing the Premium Choice programming elements. They can elect large portions, single pieces, or none of the offered programming."

"These improvements have been part of the company's long-term strategy to strengthen its competitive position," added Hogan. "We're accelerating the plan because of the undeniable competitive opportunity presented by this market."

Among the Premium Choice offerings are well-known quantities such as Ryan Seacrest, Steve Harvey, Kidd Kraddick, Lex & Terry, Elvis Duran and JohnJay & Rich.

The new programming will be available directly to audiences during a testing phase via three platforms: Clear Channel Radio's local-station websites, the iHeartradio mobile broadcast application for iPhone and Blackberry, and the company's HD2 multicasts.

Select AM and FM stations will add existing Urban, Country and Rock shows, and some stations will also develop customized programs. The company also plans to expand its NEW! program for local and unsigned artists available to its mobile broadcasting application. According to the company, more than 15,000 new, local and unsigned artists have been promoted to millions of online and on-demand listeners through the program.

Hogan concluded that the restructuring of the company is not over: "This year is a level-setting year in which we're taking responsibility for the health and success of our company. We will continue to actively evaluate economic and market conditions and our competitive position. We'll also continue to make adjustments throughout the year so we are best poised to take advantage of the upturn as soon as it occurs."