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Blind from birth and just 23 years old, Jessica has already been compared to some of the greatest female musicians of our time.


Come On, Feel the Midsummer Noize

Another jam-packed week. Looks like summer is the season for good music, ’cause it just keeps rolling in. Don’t take that as an excuse to stop sending, however; we’re always hungry for more to throw on our iPods. And this week, we introduce another new section: Buzzin’. Hit us at: [email protected].

Fan Death (
www.myspace.com/fandeath): The two members of Vancouver-based Fan Death had never really planned on forming a band, let alone performing. But a meeting of the minds at various moments in their lives brought the two to a place where they were nostalgic for the ease of their childhoods and inspired to capture that essence in dark, regal songs. They find inspiration in music they grew up with (Depeche Mode, New Order, etc.), and their synthy-disco pop tunes are reminiscent of a time when things were simpler. The duo’s close friendship makes for great chemistry and an implicit connection that will likely prove undeniable to audiences everywhere. And get this—they’re hot on the fashion train too, with features in several European fashion mags.

Jessica Callahan (www.myspace.com/jessicacallahanmusic): Young, talented and destined for stardom from an early age, Jessica took to music when she was just 13 and soon decided it was her destiny. Blind from birth and just 23 years old, she has already been compared to some of the greatest female musicians of our time. She recorded two albums before graduating high school, and is constantly writing new tunes on the piano and perfecting her craft. Jessica recently performed her impassioned set for an intimate audience in Los Angeles—the crowd was blown away. With dedication, talent and a team of industry heavyweights behind her, it’s just a matter of time before her career soars.

(http://www.myspace.com/awolnationmusic): Aaron Bruno, the former lead singer for Under the Influence of Giants, is back with this recently formed group, and he’s making believers out of fans and industryites alike. With an unrelenting sound assault, consistent with the high-energy and style that defined his previous incarnation, AWOL holds nothing back and blurs the bounds of pop, rock and dance. Check out one of our favorite tracks, “Burn it Down,” to get an idea. We hear label calls are coming-in already, while film and TV heavy hitters are eager for a chance to work the tracks. Be sure to catch AWOLNATION at the Viper Room next Thursday (7/30).

Rickey “Mr. Rikk aka The Hard Money Lender” (www.atomicmusicgroup.net): President and CEO of—as well as artist on—Atomic Music Group (distributed through Fontana), Rickey is starting to establish himself as formidable artist in the biz. He also runs a real estate enterprise, which is where the hard money lender name comes into play. This has been a long-awaited journey for Mr. Rikk aka The HML, and he wants his listeners to enjoy his music and learn something from his positive outlook on life. We like Rikk’s swagger and think you will too. Check him out and let us know.

Diane Birch (www.myspac.com/dianebirch): Her debut album, Bible Belt, has been turning ears, rising to #2 on the iTunes Pop chart and #10 overall, with almost 20k sold already. She killed it on Letterman Wednesday night, which you can see here, and will be playing Hotel Café Monday night (7/27).