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Everyone is chasing the next “cool” thing, and A Love Like Pi could definitely be that.


This Week, Three Groups With Very Different Styles but One Thing in Common: Talent
The Wheels they are-a-turnin’. This week, Jesse and I are together again and bring you three hot numbers with some good stuff goin’ on. For those of you who say we ain’t got no soul, we bring the Dukes of DaVille. We also delve into our sweet side with A Love Like Pi and, finally, Dublinites finding praise stateside, The Guggenheim Grotto. Keep it flowin’ to [email protected].

The Guggenheim Grotto (www.myspace.com/guggenheimgrotto): This pop/folk act from Dublin has touched audiences in the U.K. and U.S. with their poetic lyrics and humble nature. The band’s 2005 debut album was an instant favorite back home. In the States, awareness began to grow with the support of DJs in several key markets, and they now have four U.S. tours under their belts. The band has had placements in One Tree Hill and Brothers and Sisters, just came off of a successful run at Sundance and sold out residencies in Philly, N.Y. and Boston. They were recently featured on the YouTube homepage and have been iTunes and Starbucks favorites. The national radio campaign has kicked off, and “Her Beautiful Ideas” from their January release is set to impact Feb. 23.

A Love Like Pi (www.myspace.com/alovelikepi): Based in Red Bank, NJ, and signed to indie label Thriving Records, these electronica/emo-rockers are starting to generate quite a buzz with their fresh and compelling sound. We were just turned on to the band and instantly fell in love. Right now, everyone is chasing the next “cool” thing, and these guys could definitely be that. They’re streaming 12 tracks from their full-length, coming in March, at Purevolume, and their EP is slated for release next Tuesday (2/17).

Dukes of DaVille (www.myspace.com/dukesofdaville): Signed to Capitol/EMI and repped by Cara Lewis at WMA, these new industry darlings from the ATL just played to an enthusiastic crowd at the Viper Room. Their debut album, Time Machine, is set for release later this year. The Dukes’ sound and vibe remind us of OutKast; do you think they have what it takes to steal the Southern spotlight from these old faves?