HITS Daily Double
“It was surely the biggest non-holiday season sales day in our history."
—-Chris Brown, Bull Moose


Annual Indie Retail Campaignh Boosts Sales, as Vinyl Soars

Never mind 4/20.

Indie retailers were high on sales for last Saturday's Record Store Day.

The second installment of the nationwide promotion beat all expectations.

"We had over 60 people waiting in line for the store to open,” says Music Millennium’s Terry Currier. “We were up a full 25% over last year’s record highs.”

Currier also pointed to the huge reaction to the more than 80 titles created by labels for the event. “The special material really paid off, especially for vinyl lovers. Three out of four customers were out here for the vinyl.”

Chris Brown of Bull Moose’s 10-store chain raved: “It was surely the biggest non-holiday season sales day in our history. Thousands of people came together to make this happen. It wasn’t just retail.”

He also commended the labels on the incredible array of product they brought to the party. “The reason in worked so well,” said Brown, “was because so much of what we did was focused on the fans.”

Music Monitor Network President and RSD co-founder Michael Kurtz managed a site at Coachella and said that the “store” was jam-packed throughout.

“It was nothing less than fantastic,” he said, also mirroring the statements across the country regarding the huge demand for vinyl. “Vinyl releases from Beck, Sonic Youth, Tom Waits, Flaming Lips, Black Keys, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen were all selling out by noon.”

Kurtz also pointed to the fact that it ranked in the Top 5 news stories of the day at Google and ranked 35th as the most searched term.

Hi-Five’s Michael Kauffman, who handled the Twitter account for RSD, said that it broke into the Top 10 trending topics at the social networking behemoth.

Kurtz added he was getting reports that many retailers nationwide had surpassed last year’s sales by midday and also commented on the fact that it wasn’t just being felt in the States. Apparently Canadian retailer Sunrise reported sales up 40% over last year at their downtown location. “On Saturday people just showed that they love the idea and experience of a record store.”