HITS Daily Double
"I like to include my personal encounters with life as well as stories I have learned from others into my songs.”
——Donny Anderson


The Spotlight This Week Is on a Pair of Singer/Songwriters With Big Upsides
This week, Wheels tones it down a bit and brings you two talented singer/songwriters, a former Wheels band that is getting signed and, by popular demand, more babble. Keep hitting us at [email protected]. What’s your pick of the week?

But before we get rolling, one more thing: We hear some of you have been wondering, and the answer is yes—we know about Drake. Are you buying the hype?

Justin James
(www.myspace.com/justinjames) is a surfer whose musical journey had its genesis in a near-death experience. Bedridden for a year following a tiger shark attack, Justin went through the ordeal of multiple blood transfusions maintained a strong desire to push on through a painful recovery involving multiple blood transfusions, and he somehow forged his upbeat aesthetic out of his arduous experience. His new album, Perfect Sometimes, produced and mixed by Andrew Williams (Five for Fighting) and Mikal Blue (Colbie Caillat), pulses with life. Taking a quick break from his ongoing schedule of shows in and around L.A., Justin is now in Hawaii shooting the video for the title song, which is the first single.

Donny Anderson
(www.myspace.com/donnyanderson): This 23-year-old has been expressing himself through music since he was a mere lad of 13. He possesses a style and maturity beyond his years, even while maintaining an endearing innocence. "I like to include my personal encounters with life as well as stories I have learned from others into my songs," Donny explains. He’s spent time in Nashville and recently landed a management contract with James Lucente of Lucki Entertainment. Donny’s now concentrating primarily on writing and recording, so look out for a batch of tunes from this rising young star as he cuts a swath through the scene.

Chalk another signing up to some HITS love. We told you about NeverShoutNever! last July, and they’ve just inked a deal with Warner Bros. Records. Not only that, but rumor has it the deal is for beaucoup bucks.
And a big shout-out to Daniel Glass and the Glassnote family for winning the bidding war on The Temper Trap.

L.A.-based based singer/songwriter Katherine Liner (www.myspace.com/katherineliner) has signed a co-publishing deal with Primary Wave Music Publishing.