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“We're already bummed enough that Chinese Democracy is gonna beat us to release.”


Band Says It Doesn’t Want to Be Perceived as Riding the Wave of “the Most Important Election of Our Time”
Fall Out Boy's feverishly anticipated new Island album, Folie a Deux, has been bumped from Nov. 4 to Dec. 16, and for a novel reason, if a pair of posts appearing Monday on falloutboy.com are taken at face value.

The band broke the news with a clever headline, though Cubs fans will find it no laughing matter: “An Important Message from Fall Out Boy... Being from Chicago, we know ‘next years our year’ all too well.” (Apparently they haven’t yet mastered the use of the apostrophe.)

"6 months ago we thought it would be a fun idea to release our album on election day,” the band (presumably bass player/lyricist/spokesman Pete Wentz) wrote in the earlier post, “but this is not the election to be cute. This is the most important election of our time and, as much as the record is a social commentary and the term ‘folie a deux’ is relevant to the candidates, we felt as though rather than making a commentary we were only riding the wave of the election. This seemed less and less like what we intended to do and more of a gimmick.

“While we have all individually expressed our positions on the candidates that we support we feel that many of the interviews and press for the record have skewed us into a partisan band,” the post continued. “While it may be obvious where we stand. We never intended to be the band that shoved our ideas down peoples throats. We only hope people look at the bigger picture and investigate the issues further on their own.”

The remainder of the post promises “a surprise or two to the record,” a plan to release a series of new songs and podcasts on iTunes, and “a select series of extyremely small club shows.”

Later in the day, apparently after discussions with IDJ, another post appeared suggesting a resolution had been reached: “Folie a Deux will be released on December 16. While that late in the year may be a surpise to some, we felt that it was important to get our record out this year for our fans. Though this is not the date we had originally planned nor the optimal date according some demographic marketing analysis, we put our eight feet down told our label it must come out this year. We're already bummed enough that Chinese Democracy is gonna beat us to release. Thank you for your all your comments today, they mean alot to us.”

Said one of the comments, posted at 3:15 a.m. by Notfallingapart: “I'm a little disappointed, because I want listen to your album as fast as I wanted. But, at least, it's when Christmas break starts, and this is a great Christmas gift :D”