HITS Daily Double
LENNY: ummm, i'm not sure, too busy figuring out when ozzfest is gonna start paying its customers
IVANA: it's the new model. give EVERYTHING away


Lily Allen, Bill Carroll, Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse, Cold War Kids, Amy Winehouse, Drew Barrymore, The Kaiser Chiefs and The Kooks Pay the Ultimate Price
IVANA: are we there yet?
LENNY: where?
IVANA: xmas break
LENNY: ummm, i'm not sure, too busy figuring out when ozzfest is gonna start paying its customers
IVANA: it's the new model. give EVERYTHING away
LENNY: does that mean you will start working for free?
IVANA: instead of paying for the privilege of being here? i hope so. remember the days when musicians refused to be associated with any corporate sponsorship? now it's the only way to survive
LENNY: so, on a more upbeat note, i loved lily allen on saturday night live
IVANA: lily is the greatest. remember who told you about her, way back when...
LENNY: uhhh, nic harcourt?
IVANA: well, he told me about her, and then i told you!
LENNY: kinda telephone like
IVANA: never underestimate the power of peers telling peers about music. although i've always asserted that i'm without peer--it's how i've always gotten out of jury duty
LENNY: have we talked about bill carroll yet?
IVANA: it's been 5 minutes already
LENNY: he has about 14 more smashes on the launching pad
IVANA: korn is going everywhere. sick puppies is off to a great start. the almost was added at cimx, kpnt, wpbz, wrox, among others. k-os is buzzing. and then there are the other 11 records he and howard are breaking! 30stm's "the kill" holds the record for being on the modern rock chart the longest--52 weeks and counting--and it's #15 still. plus red jumpsuit apparatus is huge!
LENNY: yep, all good music. who else do i like?
IVANA: you've always said bullet for my valentine will be big. lorraine got a ton of majors on it this week, and mtv2 put it into “elite 8”
LENNY: they are about to get huge, and how come i am doing this column instead of ted volk?
you're funnier
LENNY: oh, i forgot. do i also like the arcade fire album?
IVANA: you love it. you're also excited for the 5 nights of sold-out shows next week in nyc
LENNY: yes, i certainly am... are they also free?
IVANA: i could probably get you in for free, but no, not like ozzfest. you're also still giddy from last week's shins' debut at #2, and psyched it’s at #5 on our sales chart this week!
LENNY: i love the shins, and natalie portman too, whattabout coachella, that has some really good bands, is it gonna be freeeee?
IVANA: you're on a roll with this "freeeee" thing
LENNY: i know, it's like the sit n sleep mattress commercials.
IVANA: you're killing me, lenny. can i tell you what else you like?
LENNY: i like incubus dig, i think it will cross pop
IVANA: i think the modest mouse song is their best ever, but i should be telling you what YOU like. so you love the shins, we’ve established that.
LENNY: ian montone is speaking at my ucla class tomorrow nite. he's their lawyer turned manager and does not work for freeeeeee
IVANA: god, you're annoying. and you're crazy about the cold war kids record, which was added at q101, 91x and x-96 this week.
LENNY: isn't that the one that got huuuuge phones at live105
IVANA: yes, that's the one
LENNY: see, i know stuff
IVANA: you also love peter bjorn & john's "young folks" (because whistling is the new cowbell)
LENNY: i have no witty retort to that
IVANA: drew barrymore was wearing a peter bjorn & john t-shirt on snl!
LENNY: are we nearly finished? i have to do a witty column with roy about the grammys next
IVANA: I'LL tell you when we're finished
LENNY: continue on then
IVANA: we haven't even discussed your love for amy winehouse, which was added this week at weqx, wgvx, wwcd, and wpbz this week
LENNY: do i like her more than mika?
IVANA: more than mika but not as much as klaiman
LENNY: klaiman is hot hot hot... who is this klaiman?
IVANA: and you love the kaiser chiefs. and you adore the hold steady on vagrant
LENNY: i have always liked the kaiser chiefs, loved their early funny work.... and the hold steady is on my hold music
IVANA: and you noticed that the kooks had another breakthru week at radio, closing ktbz, wpbz and whtg. you're very observant
LENNY: i have liked the kooks for weeks now
IVANA: so you know that the kooks record is also #1 phones at kvgs las vegas
LENNY: of course, who doesn't
IVANA: kroq is playing peter bjorn & john now as "catch of the day." i must dance.
LENNY: jewish girls should NOT dance, except to interpol
IVANA: i've expanded my repertoire. until there's a new interpol record, of course. for now, say goodnight, gracie