HITS Daily Double
Ivana: Yes, those were good times. When Jeremy first started, we were in Chicago to see Interpol open for the Cure, and then I made him see Hanson with me the same night


Finger Eleven, The Bravery, ASHES dIVIDE, Coheed, Jack Johnson, Rogue Wave, Spoon, Sick Puppies, Vampire Weekend in Their Purview
Ivana: Hey Ted, Lenny has relinquished his role as my IM column partner for another week--will you help me out?
TedVolk: well the Clippers are having a rough season so I guess like the team he is on injury reserve
Ivana: Our buddy Marc Young started as PD of Q101 yesterday--I'm looking forward to visiting him (maybe once the threat of snow is gone). and Lorraine Caruso is starting at Wind-up Records at the beginning of next week, just in time to impact a new Finger Eleven single!
TedVolk: Pretty cool for Marc! A wonderful opportunity....we’ll certainly do whatever we can to help him succeed! What a huge hit Finger Eleven has been.....50+ weeks....WHOA
Ivana: both hires reinforce my belief that "talent will out," meaning that there will ALWAYS be career opportunities for creative, smart and talented people, even in a business such as ours. except in your case, where you were stuck working at HITS
TedVolk: Lorraine ROCKS!! They seem to know what they are doing at Wind-up! Stuck? no never KG.....it's all good!!
Ivana: Speaking of knowing what they're doing, Mark Fischer and Christine Chiappetta are doing an AWESOME job on The Bravery and ASHES dIVIDE! MTV made the Bravery their 52/52 Artist of the Week and sales have already gone up over 80% in ONE DAY
TedVolk: When MTV gets behind an Alt artist great things happen!! "Believe" trending at #9 today!!
Ivana: I agree--I'm hoping great things for the new Coheed & Cambria single "Feathers"--Elite 8 on MTV2! Joe Guzik has been on the road playing this song for programmers, to HUGELY POSITIVE response!
TedVolk: The video is exceptionally original but you need a great song as wel,l and that's what "Feathers is.....A GREAT SONG!! Look out for them as main support on the forthcoming Linkin Park tour!
Ivana: He and Amanda are also making inroads with MGMT and Metro Station
TedVolk: One of my favorite new records comes from Safety Suit---"Someone Like You".....Universal/Motown’s finest Mark Czarra is already lining up commitments for the forthcoming add date!
Ivana: and Dennis Blair is doing great with Jack Johnson and Rogue Wave (radio loves a song in a 3/4 waltz tempo--almost as effective as hand claps!)
TedVolk: I really look forward to seeing The Editors next week here in LA....killer add this week for DePippa and crew at KWOD on "Smokers"....
Ivana: did you notice that the Spoon CD is outselling almost everything else on the PoMo chart
TedVolk: It's a story that deserves more attention.....such an AMAZING song that is working, will work and will sell if given a chance
Ivana: the KNRK callout for "Don't You Evah" is THROUGH THE ROOF!
TedVolk: and that's a station with killer arbitron ratings!
Ivana: I love that they're playing the new B-52s single "Funplex," as is WFNX, KDLD, WHTG, WROX, etc.
TedVolk: The man who helps break PoMo records, Bill Burrs, has good new music from Scary Kids and Velvet Revolver!
Ivana: Bill and Bonnie are among the most talented promo people in the format
TedVolk: Look out for Bill and Howard.... Sick Puppies is approaching top 20 and they have some good stuff in the pipeline with Saving Abel and Deaf Pedestrians
Ivana: Bill and Howard rule. But that's like saying the sky is blue. It's a given.
TedVolk: lolol. very true
Ivana: My "work husband" Jeremy Goldstein has an exciting "Pure 12" record with Vampire Weekend that I think can spread throughout the format
TedVolk: what a buzz that record has! Last time the two of you got together it went rather well.... Interpol.
Ivana: Yes, those were good times. When Jeremy first started, we were in Chicago to see Interpol open for the Cure, and then I made him see Hanson with me the same night
TedVolk: Scotty Burton keeps kicking butt with HURT...approaching top 5 at Active and moving at Alt....We also have some very cool indie rock music
Ivana: Good for Scott! Band of Horses continues to grow at the format. and there's a new Presidents of the United States of America that radio is loving, not to mention Nada Surf on Barsuk!
TedVolk: Monster In The Machine had a couple of nice adds today at WEQX and KMRJ on "Under Your Shadow"
Ivana: That song sounds like a big SMASH to me
TedVolk: look for a great first sales week with Bullet For My Valentine
Ivana: Indeed! There are so many awesome records for radio to choose from! Too bad they don't want to play most of them!
TedVolk: well said.....
Ivana: on that note, I need you to hold down the fort for me for the next few days--can we reconvene on Monday?
TedVolk: Look forward to it!!