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[The Format are] the first band to sell an album on their MySpace page in a new initiative utilizing Snocap’s Linx online sales application.


The Killers are Featured Guests at Amplify Music Conference

by Rodel Delfin

BUZZIN’ SINCE 2002: One of the first acts yours truly wrote about after taking this gig as your bi-weekly industry poser was Arizona band The Format. Their buzz out in the Southwest led to quite the label derby a few years ago, eventually resulting in a deal with Elektra. The band transitioned to Atlantic after Elektra folded, but was dropped last year. Now a free agent, The Format recently released a new album titled Dog Problems on their own and have sold over 18k to date, moving north of 5k just last week. But more importantly, they’re the first band to sell an album on their MySpace page in a new initiative utilizing Snocap’s Linx online sales application. Song files can be purchased using Paypal at 79 cents a pop and are offered in the MP3 format, meaning they can be played on any media player. Not only that, but the Linx application can be used to post and sell song files on any other website as well. You may recall that Snocap was founded by that Napster guy, Shawn Fanning. Remember him? But back to The Format. The band has been getting press in Spin, L.A. Times and Rolling Stone, with a feature coming in Alternative Press. Word on the street is that five majors are in the hunt. We’ll keep you posted, as this one is getting beyond nutty…

REBEL YELL: Lots of buzz brewing on Atlanta act Rebel Music Crew. We’re hearing that reps from as many as five labels have flown down to the 404 to meet with the band. Legal eagle Alison Finley at Davis, Shapiro, et al., is handling legal duties. You might want to get on this one before it’s off the market.

POL TAX: Several label players are said to be deep into meetings with Interpol. Can we expect an announcement soon about their new label home?…

SMOOTH OPERATOR: The buzz continues on Aussie rockers Operator Please. Word across the pond is that several U.K. labels are starting to sniff hard on the Rebekah Campbell-managed band. Initially, there was talk of flying the band to the U.K., but a stateside stop may now be on their itinerary as well. U.S. barrister Craig Averill is handling legal duties stateside, while David Vodicka is repping the band Down Under.

SCHALL GAME: The Brian Schall-repped Daughters of Mara have gone with Ken Blaustein at Virgin Records. The new metal/rock outfit is the first signing for Blaustein at the label.

AMPLIFICATION: Las Vegas' Amplify Music Conference is nearly upon us. The schedule for Wednesday, Aug. 16, includes panels on Touring, Major Label A&R Panel 1 (featuring up-and-coming A&R hitters) and Indie Label A&R. Thursday will have panels on Publishing, Major Label A&R Panel 2 (senior execs) and Artists & Managers (featuring members of The Killers and their manager/attorney Robert Reynolds). In addition, there will be showcases Wednesday and Thursday nights. Word is that more than 250 bands have submitted, but only 80 will be selected to perform.

BUZZIN’: Thompson Sisters and Zune Media Player… Hit me up: [email protected]

Buzz and gigs

BARCELONA Fri., Aug. 11 Spaceland TBD L.A.

THE FORMAT Sat., Aug. 12 Irving Plaza 8 p.m. N.Y.

AMPLIFY MUSIC Aug. 16-18 Various TBD Las Vegas