HITS Daily Double
IVANA: i love that amy winehouse and lily allen speak their mind—it’s refreshing! it's also cool to be in austin and see people like pete townshend, emmylou harris, iggy, peter buck, perry farrell and other true STARS.


Hoodoo Gurus, Aqualung, Peter Bjorn & John Top Her Must-See List, Tom Morello, Lily Allen, The Pipettes Also Hot
IVANA: well, i survived my 21st sxsw! i think i only saw 783 bands--it was a slow year
LENNY: congrats... i heard your picture was in the newspaper
IVANA: yes, i was in the austin chronicle for my panel--it's likely the only time tom morello, corey rusk from touch & go and taylor hanson will ever be in a room together. they were on my panel, along with britt from spoon, dave from the hoodoo gurus and matt from aqualung, who was brilliant
LENNY: any interesting observations from the panel?
IVANA: it was an interesting conversation. all of them believe music "chose" them, rather than being a choice for their life’s path, as it was for me. it's what they have to do
LENNY: what were some of your convention highlights?
IVANA: my sxsw highlights were too numerous to mention-it was a nonstop highlight! the bravery did great at their shows
LENNY: howzabout your top 3 shows?
IVANA: top 3? the hoodoo gurus were #1. they closed with the song they wrote about me, called "like wow-wipeout." i'd say aqualung at stubbs was #2 and peter bjorn & john at the directv taping was #3
LENNY: did you get a chance to see amy winehouse, everyone is buzzing and her album is selling huge
IVANA: i was going to see her tonight, but she cancelled. she was definitely the biggest buzz of sxsw!
LENNY: too bad, a top ten debut with 50k sales is damn impressive these days
IVANA: lots of great feedback about tom morello's new project the nightwatchman on epic. i also loved lily allen and the pipettes
IVANA: it's great to see girls with attitude and a point of view. everything has been so cookie-cutter lately.
LENNY: the pipettes sound like the ronettes?
IVANA: it's definitely got a '60s vibe. they're fantastic. i love that amy winehouse and lily allen speak their mind—it’s refreshing! it's also cool to be in austin and see people like pete townshend, emmylou harris, iggy, peter buck, perry farrell and other true STARS.
LENNY: speaking of the bravery, it sure seems to be another big week for them and for fallout boy.... mark fischer and christine chiappetta are this week's mvps
IVANA: yep, #1 and #2 most added. joey pulled in another 6 or so on plain white t's. mark czarra continues to do tremendously well with kaiser chiefs and the new shiny toy guns. dave downey will break amy winehouse at pomo!
LENNY: joey is on fire and mark promotes records better than he golfs
IVANA: bill carroll deserves an extra-special shout-out for having another #1 with 30 seconds to mars!
LENNY: wow, bill's first-ever mention in our column
IVANA: the decision to go with "from yesterday" was fraught with sturm und drang, but bill and howard delivered!
LENNY: and they also have sick puppies and the almost building strong cases
IVANA: they have a huge hit with sick puppies--it's just getting over that hump--and it won "who's next" at yahoo!
LENNY: hey, speaking of virgin, what is the current alt promo sitch at capitol... i hear rumors of an old friend resurfacing as a consultant
IVANA: buddy deal has left the building--is he coming back to hits? don't they all come back? howie miura is helping out with various projects
LENNY: that's it, love that howie.... as for buddy, guess we'll have to see what's next
IVANA: it was fun to see the merge records people in austin on the day arcade fire debuted at #2!
LENNY: we have the band on our cover this week.... i wonder if they will come around and make a video, that would be a real event
IVANA: radio is coming along--live105, wbru and weqx came in this week--there are over 20 stations on "keep the car running" now. i'm psyched they're on our cover!
LENNY: yep, that song is a grower, i am even starting to like it... they played it today on sportsradio on the dan patrick show
IVANA: wow!
LENNY: dan was talking about cranking it in his car on the way to work
IVANA: that's cool
LENNY: just goes to show you that there are a million ways to discover new music these days
IVANA: i went to see rocco deluca and the burden last night. he's so great--modern rock radio will figure that out
LENNY: i love that song, heard it on star 98.7, sounds like a real smash
IVANA: he belongs on modern rock. it's my mission, especially with the song “gravitate.” 99X has had huge success with him.
LENNY: i think it is a real hit, people will find it
IVANA: you have to hear the modest mouse cd. it's so good!
LENNY: i have to get a bunch of new cds, we should do an amoeba run
IVANA: i'd be up for that. you have to hear the aqualung cd
LENNY: ok, are we done with the column, we could head out now... i loved the last aqualung, and i definitely want to get rocco deluca
IVANA: let's go!
LENNY: then say goodnight, gracie
IVANA: goodnight, gracie!