HITS Daily Double
LENNY: dorks are IN, check out the big bang theory, your tv should get that
IVANA: the geeks shall inherit the earth--that's always been my mantra


It’s All About Feist, Bravery, Plain White T’s, Ingrid Michaelson, Spoon, Band of Horses, Coheed & Cambria and the Yankees
LENNY: i am massively and totally optimistic this week
IVANA: about what?
LENNY: the power of television licensing to help break artists and set the table for radio
IVANA: we've all heard about the impact the ipod nano ad is having on feist. what else?
LENNY: well, before we get to "what else", the feist story is massive and getting even bigger
IVANA: if radio doesn't pay attention, they're idiots
LENNY: well, i think they are about to, mr. weatherly told me they even put it in at kroq
IVANA: that's good. song is fantastic and she's a great artist
LENNY: absolutely and deserving.... now we are also seeing it with the bravery, as their single “believe,” which is being used in all the promos this season for friday night lights (awesome show, btw) and in gossip girl is now moving digi singles like crazy. and radio is now filling in behind the activity
IVANA: i like that song. also, the new plain white t's single is in all the promos for espn college football. at least that's what joey says. my tv doesn't get espn
LENNY: your tv only gets REALITY SHOWS, also known as “sports for girls,” the rest of us have no trouble dialing in espn
IVANA: i bought the ingrid michaelson song on itunes after i heard it in the old navy ad. songs need multiple means of exposure to have an impact these days
LENNY: that is exactly the point, and when they get it, and when it is the right song and the right exposure, IT'S MAGIC TIME
IVANA: well, we've been on the feist bandwagon way before the ads hit
LENNY: all along from day one because it is great
IVANA: she's headlining the gibson amphitheater on nov. 12 with your favorite utensil
LENNY: wow feist and fork, how alliterative
IVANA: you're a dork, how rhyming
LENNY: dorks are IN, check out the big bang theory, your tv should get that
IVANA: the geeks shall inherit the earth--that's always been my mantra
LENNY: spoon is now reduced to being one of my favorite utensils, fork and knife have been lobbying hard
IVANA: "you have no fear of the underdog, that's why you will not survive" will be written on more yearbooks this year since lines from billy joel's "only the good die young" were in yearbooks from the year i graduated
LENNY: hence you are still alive
IVANA: "sinners have much more fun, only the good die young"
LENNY: exactly..... what else is floating your boat this week
IVANA: you and i both love the new band of horses single, "is there a ghost," and i can't wait to hear the radiohead
LENNY: i think band of horses is one of the great groups out there, i am a huge fan and love their new work....
IVANA: i like strata on wind-up and vhs or beta on astralwerks
i haven't heard strata yet, what type of music is that?
IVANA: the single "stay young" is a big obvious hit
LENNY: big hits are good
IVANA: it's on wind-up, so there's a very strong chance it will be a hit, since that label is definitely on a roll
LENNY: they have an extremely high batting average
IVANA: yeah, finger eleven and seether are already on the chart
LENNY: and are hits
IVANA: we haven't discussed coheed yet--jj and his gang have 4 adds in already this week
LENNY: coheed is huge, mtv2 just upped the rotation and online activity on the video is absolutely through the roof
IVANA: as well it should be
LENNY: jj, joe and amanda are on a mission
IVANA: there is a ton of great music out there and i don't believe the answer to the modern rock ratings quest is by playing FEWER currents. it's like surrendering to the conceived notion that your audience is passive and tuned out
LENNY: i think that is clear, being tight for the last year hasn't helped ratings. people are finding their new music and radio better get back in the game
IVANA: maybe there is still hope for recovery
LENNY: there is always hope, and the strong will survive
IVANA: the radiohead experiment will be interesting. i wonder if radio stations will pay to play it (in the sense that they'll have to buy it to get it).
LENNY: somehow i think they'll get it for free
IVANA: yeah, i'll probably buy it and send it to them
LENNY: there u go. well, time for me to get ready for the baseball playoffs.... it's yankees time. who will you be rooting for?
IVANA: the mets
LENNY: good choice.... say goodnight, gracie
IVANA: goodnight gracie