HITS Daily Double
IVANA: i've been with you for almost 18 years--why would i leave now when we're doing well?


Coheed & Cambria, Rogue Wave, Spoon, Mars Volta, Band of Horses, CSS and Year-End Faves Among the Topics
IVANA: it's our last week together this year
LENNY: really? are you leaving to take the q101 job?
IVANA: i thought ted was getting that gig?
LENNY: ted volk? our ted? that traitor
IVANA: he's convinced he's the man for the job, so why would I discourage him? the average lifespan for that gig is not particularly long, however
LENNY: yeah, but whattabout his clippers tickets?
IVANA: with the rate of attrition of q101 pds, he should only miss a game or two
LENNY: oh cool, i will sell them. so, what else is interesting, screw ted
IVANA: my pal alan galbraith is leaving wind-up after many successful years at the label to travel the world with his wife. i really admire his spirit—i’m looking forward to many postcards!
LENNY: so that is another job that's open, are you taking that one and leaving me with no one?
IVANA: i've been with you for almost 18 years--why would i leave now when we're doing well? although, without ted, i'm nothing
LENNY: and without ted, the clippers are nothing, as they also are with him
IVANA: while you're in costa rica next week, i'll be attending xmas shows
LENNY: good, so let's talk about some music, which of your favorites will survive the holidays and be even stronger in the first quarter?
IVANA: the bravery will be top 10 at the beginning of 2008, and coheed & cambria should also be there as well
LENNY: excellent, congrats to the idj and columbia staffs for jobs well done. i very much like the rogue wave song, how's it doing?
IVANA: rogue wave is building nicely at both triple a and modern rock. mark czarra is launching a new mars volta single next week, and dennis blair has a new jack johnson single, so those will still be going gangbusters)
IVANA: as will the new spoon single, "don't you evah."
LENNY: dennis blair comes out strong with rogue and johnson, nice.... loving the spoon, how's czarra's golf game?
IVANA: you'll have to ask him. i care about golf as much as i care about the clippers. sub pop will have band of horses and css in play through the holidays
LENNY: excellent, i think BOH is really one of the great new bands we have
IVANA: "we"?
LENNY: "we" meaning the marketplace, "we" meaning the public
IVANA: oh, so not like when you say "we" when you refer to the clippers, as in "we're losing"
LENNY: no, i like BOH very much, but the clippers own my heart. it's like you and prada
LENNY: "we" have a new spring line
IVANA: those days are long gone. sigh. but back to music, what was your favorite cd of 2007?
LENNY: shouldn't we save that for the year-end column?
IVANA: we can tease our reader with what's ahead
LENNY: well you can tease, but don't be so BOSS-y
IVANA: are you saying it's springsteen?
LENNY: i thought we were teasing
IVANA: oh jeez
LENNY: what might your fave be?
IVANA: aqualung's memory man. the cd is absolutely amazing. too bad they're label-less now. it's been a great year for music: mark ronson, band of horses, amy winehouse, spoon, arcade fire, etc.
LENNY: those are all good
IVANA: and i love air, springsteen, dan wilson, kooks..
LENNY: rilo kiley, a fine frenzy
IVANA: shins, the once soundtrack, pinback
LENNY: yup, lots of goodies, let's make lists for the last column, music-movies-books
IVANA: and don't forget feist! but, without a doubt, the aqualung cd shines above all of them LENNY: feist is awesome. and on that note..... say goodnight for now, gracie, i am off for a week in costa rica
IVANA: adios, gracie