HITS Daily Double
IVANA: it's best when you can get the triple a, non-comm and modern rock station in a market to embrace a record, like kexp, kndd and kmtt in seattle, or kut, krox and kgsr in austin
LENNY: i agree, and spoon is the perfect fit across the board


Knocked Up, Conchords, Feist, Spoon, Coheed & Cambria, Porcupine Tree, A Fine Frenzy and Duncah Sheik Top the List
LENNY: so, what are you favorite summer records, favorite summer tv shows and favorite summer movies?
IVANA: favorite summer cds are many: spoon, feist, mark ronson, the new pornographers, pinback
LENNY: what is pinback?
IVANA: a band from san diego on touch & go. favorite summer tv show is DEFINITELY big brother 8, and i loved so you think you can dance, as well as top chef, flight of the conchords and mad men
LENNY: mad men and conchords are my favorites, i also loooove the closer this year
IVANA: favorite summer movies were talk to me, once and knocked up
LENNY: my fave movies were knocked up, waitress, golden door and talk to me
IVANA: i liked waitress too. i can't believe we agree on movies!
LENNY: i am amazed how well the conchords have been selling on itunes, lots of their songs are showing up on the singles chart, their ep is selling and their podcasts are great
IVANA: i loved daryl hall cameo in last week’s conchord
LENNY: that was hysterical, as was the entire episode, we need to keep talking and spreading the word about the conchords
IVANA: hbo picked it up for another season, so it's definitely connecting!
LENNY: once is clearly the best movie soundtrack and flight of the conchords is the best tv soundtrack
IVANA: and spring awakening is the best broadway soundtrack
LENNY: spring awakening is huge, good for duncan sheik and his partners
IVANA: you know how i am NOT a theater person but I loved it
LENNY: and all of these are examples of people finding music in new ways
IVANA: my favorite concerts were crowded house at the troubadour and hanson at the hotel café. so what do you make of my format?
LENNY: my niece rebecca who lives in san diego emailed me for a copy of the new coheed + cambria single which isn't being played yet in her market, she found out about it on her own and loves it
IVANA: kids know about coheed
LENNY: as for your format, i am hopeful about k-rock in nyc. tracy cloherty is smart and i think it is time for nyc to rock again.
IVANA: i heard that tracy is a big porcupine tree fan, as am i, so i'm sure we'll get along swimmingly
LENNY: whattheheck is porcupine tree?
IVANA: a brilliant prog rock band from the uk that are like a cross between genesis (peter gabriel era) and radiohead
LENNY: excellent, always good to learn.... i like the new spoon album, btw
IVANA: for the first time in their career they're getting radio play: "the underdog" is #13 at triple a and should chart next week at pomo. i think the key to working these kinds of bands at radio is to go non-comm first, then triple a, then modern rock
LENNY: hopefully this new project will grow at radio
IVANA: it shows how airplay sells records, since this is the band's fastest selling cd. triple a, while also playing the big major artists like the eagles, is leaning a bit more alternative these days. while modern rock is leaning a lot more classic
LENNY: yes, they seem to be adopting the cooler modern rock records that are homeless
IVANA: it's best when you can get the triple a, non-comm and modern rock station in a market to embrace a record, like kexp, kndd and kmtt in seattle, or kut, krox and kgsr in austin
LENNY: i agree, and spoon is the perfect fit across the board
IVANA: as will be the upcoming new band of horses cd on b, and also the completely genius editors record on epic
LENNY: i am a fan of both of those, when is the band of horses coming out?
IVANA: october. if modern rock can play paramore, they should play feist!!
LENNY: i think feist is totally genius
IVANA: although it skews a bit older, the ad using “my moon, my man” is all over tv.
LENNY: i am also madly in love with the a fine frenzy single, “almost lovers”
IVANA: she's so talented. i don't think bands can break from just one rock format these days, unless bill carroll and howard are working it, of course. i hope modern rock will play the next amy winehouse single
LENNY: it is still incredible to me that they didn't embrace her, i am also liking grace potter + the nocturnals, lotsa great new girl power out there
IVANA: i heard the grace potter song on sirius last night. lotsa great music out there!
IVANA: i give spike at q101 a lot of credit for at least TRYING new things
LENNY: i have been spending my summer listening to mostly female records, i'll rock out with coheed + cambria starting in september
IVANA: i love the coheed record. it warms my prog heart.
LENNY: radio loves this one, it could be their turn
IVANA: from your lips...
LENNY: i am gonna stop column-ing with you and go listen to the coheed album NOW. so say goodnight gracie, and be sure to watch mad men this week
IVANA: more cowbell