HITS Daily Double
spoon’s "I turn my camera on" is the music for the new jaguar commercial! being in a jaguar commercial certainly helped sting…


…As in Free FM, Adam Carolla, David Lee Roth and the Ever-Flipping PoMo Panel
IVANA: welcome back, my friends...
LENNY: and happy jew year to you as well
IVANA: did you miss me?
LENNY: hmmmm.... gimme a second on that one
IVANA: well? oh, nevermind. so quite a bit happened during the break
LENNY: yeah, pray tell
IVANA: wmad madison went away, as did kcnl san jose, and kzon phoenix is now "free fm," playing music in overnights and weekends
LENNY: can u explain the free fm format to me (and to our loyal reader)
IVANA: it's a talk format or talk/music hybrid targeting males. it's the moniker adopted by whfs baltimore, the station formerly known as wxrk nyc, kzon, klsx and other infinity stations
LENNY: so, do they play music, what music, how often?
IVANA: on whfs, they play pomo music from 7pm-5am weekdays and all weekend. in ny and phoenix it's music in the overnights and on weekends
LENNY: what music, currents? alternative? or guns n roses?
IVANA: depends on the market
LENNY: do u think the david lee roth-adam carolla thing has legs
IVANA: i think adam is brilliant and he's got a strong fanbase. haven't heard david lee roth, but, from what i hear from friends in ny, as a morning show personality he makes a great lead singer
LENNY: and what do you hear about howard on sirius
IVANA: he'll be great
LENNY: so in the abstract, you like howard but not david lee
IVANA: right-gary cherone was my favorite singer in van halen
LENNY: ah, your a&m stripes are showing
IVANA: other news in the pomo world: rca's dennis blair and his lovely wife jennifer had a son on dec. 25, who they named harrison zachary blair
LENNY: hopefully a new clippers fan is born
IVANA: there were other pomo "additions" over the holidays--dave beasing announced the arrival of keith cunningham into the jacobs media fold
LENNY: that is a strong move
IVANA: keith is a longtime radio programmer/consultant. we like him a lot, btw
LENNY: let's talk about some exciting new music
IVANA: sure. morningwood's debut cd streets today [1/10]
LENNY: strong start
IVANA: i saw them in austin during the break at krox's xmas show. they're great
LENNY: eggselent, tell me more
IVANA: morningwood reminds me of classic ny bands like the shirts, blondie, the waitresses, etc. our pals at kbzt added "jetsetter" into their "recommended" category and the phones are going nutty
LENNY: cool, tell me about the arctic monkeys, hearing the buzz, and hawthorne heights’ newest
IVANA: arctic monkeys is already massive in the uk, and their debut on domino comes out in february. kndd seattle added "when the sun goes down" this week. marco at 91x, paul and keith at wfnx, aaron at live105, the kroq-ers--you know, some of the key pomo tastemakers, have been chomping to play this band
LENNY: chomp chomp
IVANA: hawthorne heights' "saying sorry" isn't going for pomo adds until 1/31, but it's already "most added" this week. q101 was the first to add it, with 99x, 91x, cimx, kfma, wrox, krbz, wfnx, wpbz and wsfm already in for this week
LENNY: wow, that's awesome. and whattabout damone on island?
IVANA: damone has an ep that was made for the japanese market. aaron at live105 and paul at wfnx are in a race to see who will play it first
LENNY: and howie and christine are hot
IVANA: and they also have good records, like fall out boy, thrice, bravery, damone, etc.
LENNY: will there be a new killers this year?
IVANA: yes, they're called she wants revenge
LENNY: oh, i like that song a lot.what else sounds good for the new year
IVANA: bill carroll, not resting on his laurels after winning the billboard radio award for alt promo person, has been on the road setting up the new 30 seconds to mars single, "the kill," which will be massive, while driving gorillaz and korn into the top 5. he also is working a cool new band called we are scientists, and i remain obsessed with kt tunstall
LENNY: kt will be huge
IVANA: i love that lashes song on RED, "sometimes the sun." kndd and knrk added it today
LENNY: who do you think will win the grammy for best alt album
IVANA: i'm praying it will be arcade fire
LENNY: that's a goodie?
IVANA: i hope NARAS voters recognize the arcade fire's unique genius
LENNY: and speaking of unique genius
IVANA: so you know what my favorite night of the year is? sorry, was that a compliment i just missed?
LENNY: yes it was
IVANA: oh. anyway, the preview night of the LA Auto Show is my fave
LENNY: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
IVANA: so I was in the middle of it, and the familiar strains of spoon's "I Turn My Camera On" was wafting towards me. i went towards it, which led me to the jaguar display. the new jaguar commercial was playing on the huge display screen, for which "I turn my camera on" is the music! being in a jaguar commercial certainly helped sting--i'm hoping this will be the tipping point needed to make this song a hit in ALL markets, not just some markets
LENNY: and the nbc tv national use of morningwood's “nth degree” should make that one familiar as well
IVANA: if only it could be the theme to dancing with the stars...
LENNY: or skating with the stars
IVANA: so we're going to have a good year, right?
LENNY: absolutely, and on that note, lemme just recommend that everyone and anyone come in and audit my ucla class wednesday nite 7-10 at haines hall
IVANA: ooh, same night as lost and project runway
LENNY: that's why they make tivo
IVANA: which i will use if you ever invite me to participate in your class, but until then, say goodnight, gracie
LENNY: and goodnight mrs. calabash, wherever you are