HITS Daily Double
LENNY: any words of wisdom for the coming year?
IVANA: buy low,
sell high?
LENNY: buy low,
get high?


A Couple Weeks Off Will Brighten Up Anyone, Even Chronic Sourpusses Like Our Co-Hosts
LENNY: so, new year, glad to be back, was just wondering how many acts bill carroll broke while we were away
IVANA: all of them--he's got 3 songs in the top 15
LENNY: impressive
IVANA: he's been on the road playing the almost for programmers--that's his next biggie. i'm just hoping i get to hear the new stooges record from him!
LENNY: strong, and how's our rookie of the year joey scoleri doing?
IVANA: he launched the new breaking benjamin single this week to great response, and has sparta top 25 at pomo and active
LENNY: and, what's up with the new epic squad, great buzz on modest mouse
IVANA: our future rookie of the year, mike depippa, is #1 most added with modest mouse! and incubus is the most-played song at radio. the new modest mouse is genius--having johnny marr on the record is inspired
LENNY: good start for sure
IVANA: my pals at astralwerks are breaking through with the kooks song "naive."
LENNY: i saw some strong adds on the kooks this week, whattup wit them?
IVANA: the kooks are a cool band from the uk with an absolute smash called "naive."
LENNY: who handles their promotion?
IVANA: astralwerks has a team that includes dave barbis, dave lombardi, jenni sperandeo and others around the country. you were saying something last year that i'd like to reiterate, that this is the year of the indie label. all early signs point towards this being the case.
LENNY: i still think that is so.... here comes arcade fire to start the fire! and hellogoodbye is enormous
IVANA: sub pop has the shins, who did snl last weekend!
LENNY: strong
IVANA: silversun pickups on dangerbird is happening, and cold war kids on downtown is unbelievably great—live105 added “hang me up to dry” this week!
LENNY: and daniel glass has a new band that is #1 on myspace
IVANA: totally! secondhand serenade! and there's that sick puppies record that has almost 9 million views on youtube—you know, the “free hugs” one.
LENNY: amazing
IVANA: kroq added it this week and every other station is sure to follow
LENNY: very nice. any other words of wisdom for the coming year?
IVANA: buy low, sell high?
LENNY: buy low, get high?
IVANA: did you hear that cruze got the dc101 pd job?
LENNY: penelope? loved her in volver
IVANA: former wfnx pd cruze!
LENNY: what movies has he been in?
IVANA: beasing's station in cincy, wswd, is up-and-running
no pd named yet
LENNY: they have great ice cream in cincy that you send me every xmas, even when i tell you not to
IVANA: graeter’s is the best! jj grossman and amanda walk were out in force at the view show at spaceland saturday night. they're another buzzing uk band, on the cover of nme this week. your pal mark czarra was here earlier to play us the new kaiser chiefs song
LENNY: love the kaiser chiefs, and mark is a golfer
IVANA: "ruby" is a great first single. mark's cohort stephanie harty was given her vp stripes!
LENNY: excellent, that's a good team
IVANA: speaking of indie labels, sanctuary has a new ataris record that radio loves. oh cool, both wfnx and kbzt added arcade fire last week--we haven't even serviced it to radio yet!
LENNY: maybe you should then
IVANA: that's a great idea--i knew there was a reason you're the boss
LENNY: thank you, we are off and running, so say goodnight gracie before we bore our last reader
IVANA: kroq is playing the new arcade fire now on “catch of the day,” i must dance!
LENNY: oh no, interpol pt. 2.