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Why are artists not paid when their music is played?/Shouldn’t radio be held to the very same grade?


Pro-Performance Rights Group Composes Epistle to Congress

The self-annointed musicFIRST (Fairness in Radio Starting Today) Coalition, which is supporting the Performance Right Act of 2007 currently before Congress, demanding radio stations pay performance rights fees to the artists whose music they play, has issued the following poem to Capitol Hill and the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters), who are, obviously, fighting the bill.

T’was the Night Before Recess

T’was the night before recess in the Senate and House;
As our leaders worked hard to correct a great louse.

A fair performance right danced in their mind;
They could no longer leave the artists behind.

The time for a change was painfully clear;
Performers have been ignored for 50 plus years.

The copyright loophole needed to be fixed
It wasn’t fair that their talent and hard work was continuously nixed.

Why are artists not paid when their music is played?
Shouldn’t radio be held to the very same grade?

Satellite, Internet and cable all see
Without the music, where would they be?

The Senate and House held hearings to learn
And better understand the artists’ concern.

First in the House they heard from Sam and Judy;
Oh how quickly the broadcasters became moody.

Onto the Senate were Alice and Lyle
Where Alice wowed them with her acoustic style.

The artists’ argument was more than sincere
It’s their hard work we lovingly hear.

Performers like these bring music to life
Yet still, NAB continues this strife.

“We promote the artists,” they continually say
As they cash their large checks at the end of the day.

It’s music that drives the radio’s ad revenue
How is it that artists should not receive their fair due?

Out on the horizon two great heroes appeared
Mssrs. Berman and Leahy who the NAB feared:

“We’ll make this right, we close the loophole
Our colleagues in Congress we will work and cajole.”

With wisdom and clarity legislation was crafted
Ignoring poison pills that were floated and drafted.

Some will receive special considerations
Like small, religious, and noncommercial stations.

It’s time to remove this long standing flaw
This amendment will change the copyright law

Then Hatch and Issa and Corker and others
Joined to do the right thing as taught by their mothers.

Our Members of Congress have heard from both sides
We have complete confidence that fairness resides.

As we look ahead to a sparkling New Year
We hope your holidays are full of good cheer.

In 2008, we’ll continue our fight
It’s only fair that artists receive a performance right.