HITS Daily Double
Lots of labels slept on Revelation Theory, and we think this one is going to surprise people.


What Could Be Better Than Wall-to-Wall Bands and $1.99 Steak & Eggs?
By Rodel Delfin

We’re not talking about when your pet dog licks his wee-wee every now and then. We’re referring to weasels chasing after L.A. rock band The Pricks (we laugh every time we say that). After some airplay on Modern Rock stalwart KROQ, the band drew a bevy of A&R reps to their packed show at the Roxy the week before last, and several label heads were reportedly in attendance. The band’s fusion of rock with a little bit of punk and a little bit of rap is right up the Modern Rock alley, and we’ve seen this picture play out before, so expect this to be the latest radio-driven bidding derby. We saw it earlier this year with a couple acts—and don’t forget about John Oszjaca and Wank back in the day. The newbie A&R folks out there probably don’t remember them, but their bosses should… Word on the street is that the man with the beard has made another hire for his Columbia A&R team. Will the East Coast hitter who’s been tapped for the post be moving to the West Coast?... The Howard Sadowsky-repped Revelation Theory is finalizing a deal with Brian Howse and Jeff Sosnow at Interscope. Lots of labels slept on these guys, and we think this one is going to surprise people… The Eddie Applebaum-managed Earl Greyhound packed the house at their recent Bowery Ballroom show. Expect more label folks at their upcoming L.A. date (TBA)… FYI ON T&S: The recent Sire deal for Tegan & Sara is a partnership with Vapor Records. The indie, run by Elliot Roberts and Bonnie Levetin, will work in conjunction with Sire/WB on the band’s upcoming release and subsequent albums. The Canadian duo is managed by Nick Blasko and Piers Henwood. Barrister David Ferreria at the law firm of Mark Music & Media mediated the deal… Finally, we’re less than two months away from the Amplify Music Conference in Sin City, which is set for Aug. 7-10, and boy, are we looking forward to that $1.99 steak and eggs combo at Binion’s Casino. This year, participating venues include the Beauty Bar, Jillian’s, Canyon Club, Icehouse, Brass and the Celebrity Theatre, with more hot spots to be named. They’re all located within walking distance of each other on Freemont St. in Downtown LV. For badge registration and showcase applications, log on to www.AmplifyMusicCompFest.com... BUZZIN’: Jeff Ayeroff and David Hopkins… Hit me up: [email protected]