HITS Daily Double
The Sandman character is totally compelling, and you really understood his problems.


One Ringing Endorsement for Spider-Man 3;
a Pile of Endorsements for Capital Risk
Friday, May 4th
Chris Cornell @ House of Blues Las Vegas

DJ Quick w/AMG @ House of Blues Anaheim

Saturday, May 5th
Capitol Risk @ The Bamboozle Festival on the Pass the Mic Right Stage, East Rutherford, NJ

Dodgers @ Braves on KCAL 9: Derek Lowe goes against Tim Hudson, which could be a really good pitchers’ duel, although Derek has been struggling of late.

Weird Al Yankovic @ House of Blues Atlantic City

Sunday, May 6th
10:05 am
Dodgers @ Braves on Prime Ticket: Concluding game of the weekend series between these two division leaders.

Brad Paisley w/ Taylor Swift, Jack Ingram & Kellie Pickler @ Assembly Hall, University of Illinois, Champaign

So last week I was invited to a screening of the movie, and let me just say big thanks goes out to Lauren Bollinger for getting me on the list. I was thoroughly blown away by the movie, because it was more than just another comic book adaptation. What makes the Spider-man movies so great is the depth of the central character. Peter Parker is not some super-macho dude with superpowers; he’s your average, nerdy college student who’s been given a gift. He has superhuman powers, but those powers are sometimes a curse. He has to make the choice of what to put first—saving lives or focusing on his girlfriend Mary Jane. In Spider-Man 3, Peter faces even bigger challenges, from trying to propose to his girlfriend to battling two new, extremely awesome villains. The first villain we are introduced to is Sandman, played by Thomas Hayden Church. This character is totally compelling, and you really understood his problems. I don’t want to give away too much, but I think the audience will really enjoy the Sandman character and Church’s terrific performance. The other bad guy, Venom, is not introduced until later in the film. Then, of course, there is Harry/Green Goblin, who is still out for revenge on Peter for killing his father. I would love to go into more detail about the film, but I feel I would be spoiling it. All I can say is, I loved every minute of it, and it has a little something for everyone.

Capitol Risk
, from Philadelphia, has been stirring up a lot of buzz lately. They signed a licensing deal with MTV, which led to a chance to compete in the Virtual Laguna Beach Battle of the Bands and having their songs played on the shows NEXT and Parental Control. They recently signing a licensing deal with Kick Rock Records in Japan, which will release their CD in that country on June 20. You can catch them this Saturday, May 5, at the Bamboozle Festival on the Pass the Mic Right Stage at 1:30 p.m. Check them out at www.myspace.com/capitolrisk and please email me your comments at [email protected].

Here are some endorsements:

“This talented group of musicians caught my eye early on. The sky is the limit for Capitol Risk.” —Brian Ball, Ernie Ball, Inc.

"Capital Risk is one of those bands showing all the right signs. Every show seems to draw more people, and every batch of songs they write is an improvement on the last batch. I'm looking forward to seeing them at Bamboozle." —Scott Egbert, Reverb Nation

“Capitol Risk finds the perfect meeting point between punk rock and pop rock. There's nothing cheesy about this rock outfit, which resembles Jack's Mannequin making out with Spitalfield on a warm summer night. Melodies are genuine, and the harmonies are gut-wrenching. Vince D'Annunzio’s vocals soar…every move of every song has a purpose. This band stuck out to me. I viewed over 250 bands and had to choose four; I could not pass on Capitol Risk.” —Joe Reo, Max Cruise/Bamboozle

“A very surprising young talented band out of the Philly music scene; their songs will be in stuck in your head after just one listen.” —Ryan Metheny, Smartpunk.com

“This band has a great future laid out ahead of them, and I'm sure with the proper team involved, they'll reach that point.” —Adam S. Harrison, manager of Melee

“It only seems natural that some of the most catchy pop rock these days is coming from kids barely out of high school. In the front of that pack is Capitol Risk. Kids like them, and you know what? So do I.” —Nick Sambrato, Bonded Records/Between the Trees