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Bets are placed on Interscope to have the future label/distribution arrangement with V2 act the White Stripes.


The Music Biz Shakes, Rattles and Rolls as 2007 Gets Underway
By Rodel Delfin

Is the sand in the hourglass about to run out? There are some significant changes going on in the biz right now. The stats on album sales in the past couple weeks have reached record lows. The #1 slot on the album chart, which is currently held by the Dreamgirls ST, has posted sales at around 60k each week for two consecutive weeks. Meanwhile, tongues are flapping as to what is going to happen at Capitol and Virgin after last week’s ouster of EMI execs Alain Levy and David Munns by Chairman Eric Nicoli. Wall Street analysts have recently criticized Nicoli for now taking on an operational role at the group considering his lack of a music biz background. So what role will well-respected music vet and EMI consultant Roger Ames now have? There were some red flags for the British-run music group prior to Levy and Munns departure, one of them being a spending freeze that was implemented late last year. Vendors who were owed money, as well as bands who were about to go in the studio, were informed of the freeze last month, which in the past has been expected around March—the end of EMI’s fiscal year. But it arrived several months early during the wake of a profit warning statement and a since-rejected acquisition by private equity firm Premira. Meanwhile, financial analysts are predicting a purchase or a merger of the group in the near future… More industry casualties occurred last week as V2 closed its doors. Sources share that label owner Sheridan Square have informed employees who have time left on their contracts that they will not be paid out. Meanwhile, bets are placed on Interscope to have the future label/distribution arrangement with V2 act the White Stripes… There seems to be some corporate and creative clashing going on lately, as well-respected publishing executive Linda Komorsky abruptly resigned from her GM post at Dimensional Publishing last week. As you may recall, Dimensional was formerly DreamWorks Publishing after it was purchased by private equity firm Dimensional Associates, which also owns online properties E-Music and the Orchard. The split by Komorsky follows the departure of creative head Michael Badami, who resigned from his post a few months ago, thus leaving two executive posts open at the company… Label chatter starting to build up again on Radiohead, who are reportedly working on their next record. The eyes are still on the Bunny as the next potential label home for the group… Q-Prime picks up the Silversun Pickups for management, while the Yeah Yeah Yeahs split with manager Asif Ahmed… Finally, lots of label folks and publishers were present at singer/songwriter Brett Dennen’s sold-out gig at the Hotel Café last week. Dualtone released Dennen’s critically lauded current album… BUZZIN’: Maldroid and Sick Puppies Hit me up: [email protected]