HITS Daily Double
LENNY: i agree..... can you imagine a format with spoon, amy, ronson, glen + marketa, feist.... ohmy, that would be totally angular
IVANA: totally


She and Lenny Celebrate with Spoon, Mark Ronson, Lily Allen, Feist, Flight of the Conchords, Once and More
IVANA: you ventured up from laguna. did you miss us?
LENNY: what is the true meaning of the word "miss"....
IVANA: boredom?
LENNY: yes i was bored. i did a lot of reading, listened to some music, saw lots of movies
IVANA: whilst you were away, your favorite utensil had a top 10 debut
LENNY: spoon album is awesome. i love the single and lots of other songs as well
IVANA: i think part of the cd's strong debut can be attributed to consistency--spoon continues to make compelling music that keeps getting better
LENNY: this album should be their commercial breakthrough
IVANA: plus the other work britt did--writing songs for stranger than fiction, having a song in a jaguar commercial--that all helped
LENNY: i also like mark ronson. lotta buzz on that one
IVANA: i bought the mark ronson cd--it's one of my faves of this year!!! on a less interesting topic, what do you make of my format these days?
LENNY: too much active rock for my tastes . and why aren't they adoring amy winehouse?
IVANA: too afraid
LENNY: that one is mystifying, everyone knows it is the album of the year
IVANA: it was produced by mark ronson, you know, as was my fave lily allen
bizarre, at least people are starting to warm up to feist, which is also awesome
IVANA: not at my format, ’cept for a few of the “pure 12,” as ted calls them
LENNY: love lily allen, “ldn” is gonna be a smash
IVANA: two years ago, i'd have no trouble getting spoon on pomo radio. now it's torture (although I’m thrilled kndd came in on “the underdog” this week!!) i can't believe that playing faceless butt rock (how's that for a visual?) is the answer
LENNY: it has chased me away. but like most others, i find myself searching out new music on itunes
like you always say, patience is key. it HAS to turn around.
LENNY: it will turn around. the public will demand it, or go elsewhere
IVANA: i give our friends at octone props for continuing to hang tough with flyleaf. they're still getting new stations after a year into the project.
LENNY: and approaching a million sales, great job
IVANA: same goes for peter bjorn & john--"young folks" has been out since january and they're still getting new adds every week
LENNY: clearly patience is the only way to deal with ever more lagging callout
IVANA: the first red jumpsuit apparatus single is STILL top 20, although it was officially "retired" this week after 52 weeks on the chart
LENNY: when will they retire me
IVANA: i also bought the editors new cd--i think "an end has a start" is a big smash
LENNY: i like that band, it is another i discovered on itunes
IVANA: i use iTunes to purchase episodes of "heroes." and to listen to “this american life” podcasts
LENNY: do you watch them on your ipod or on your computer?
IVANA: both--depends on whether or not i feel like lugging my laptop
LENNY: and, are we ready yet to discuss the best television show of the year, and the new ep that was just released. HELLO EVERYONE..... IT'S TIME FOR FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS
IVANA: and you dared doubt me about this show
LENNY: i look forward every week to 1030 sunday night, it is my highlight (along with the occasional well played golf hole)
IVANA: sue at sub pop sent me the ep--i love "business time"
LENNY: i love EVERYTHING, everything, everything about it, i sit and laugh out loud during the show. rodel is also raving about it in this week's a+r wheels + deals column
IVANA: we are all obsessed with it
LENNY: yep, attention everyone reading this...START WATCHING FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS!! both of our readers should really enjoy it
IVANA: who do you like better, bret or jemaine?
LENNY: i loooooooooooooooove jemaine
IVANA: me too. i saw him last week at the crowded house show at the troubadour (which was the best show of the year!). i was too nervous to talk to him
LENNY: and how he pronounces es as is.... as in calling bret, brit, or head as hid. or dead as did
IVANA: their manager is a friend of mine, mike martinovich. maybe we can meet them some day.
LENNY: i know mike, but i thought murray was their manager (the character on the show). murray is also hysterical
IVANA: oh, yes. right. glen and marketa from the movie once will be in la later this week. they're doing kcrw and kroq “kevin & bean”
LENNY: they are really the feel good story of the summer, with the made-for-150k movie doing solid business, and the music really touching people
IVANA: musically it's been an awesome summer! very angular
LENNY: i agree..... can you imagine a format with spoon, amy, ronson, glen + marketa, feist.... ohmy, that would be totally angular
IVANA: totally
LENNY: i gotta run to a meeting now, so great chatting with you this week
IVANA: next time we write this, i'll be a year older. hint, hint
LENNY: shit, you're finally gonna be 29.... oh well, you're not getting older, you're only getting better. aren’t we finished yet? say goodnight, gracie
goodnight, gracie. i was 29 when i started here. time does fly in the “career cul-de-sac” know as hits. i really have given you the best years of my life!