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"The inaugural Digital gold and platinum award winners [are] a reflection of both the commitment of the entire music community to consumer-friendly legitimate digital services and fan appetite for high-quality music."
——Mitch Bainwol, RIAA Chairman/CEO


Org Announces Premiere 45 Digital Sales Award Winners; OutKast, Hoobastank Nab Platinum
The RIAA has entered the digital age... and it's about time.

Amending its 45-year-old gold and platinum award program, the org launched its Digital Sales award today.

Developed to recognize the significant sales of the burgeoning digital music market, 45 titles were included in the initial group of certifications, encompassing tracks from each major recording company and representing nearly every genre in music.

Tracks will be certified gold (100,000 downloads), platinum (200,000 downloads) and multi-platinum (starting at 400,000 and following in increments of 200,000 thereafter).

RIAA Chairma/CEO Mitch Bainwol interrupted his own KaZAa session to comment that the new awards will not be dubbed the "Lefsetz": “It’s enormously gratifying to honor the inaugural Digital gold and platinum award winners. It’s a reflection of both the commitment of the entire music community to consumer-friendly legitimate digital services and fan appetite for high-quality music. This milestone is great news for the artists recognized today, their fans, and everyone else involved in creating music and bringing it to the public.”

Digital Media Association Executive Director Jonathan Potter was also feeling pumped: “DiMA applauds the RIAA and its member companies for recognizing the contribution of digital distribution to the recording industry and salutes the artists who earned today’s initial gold and platinum digital download awards. We especially recognize the pioneering DiMA member companies that made it all possible, such as AOL, RealNetworks, Apple, MusicMatch, Napster and Liquid Digital Media represent the best of today’s digital download commercethe best technologies, the best services, the best artist relations and the best value for consumers.”

The RIAA awarded a total of 45 gold, six platinum and one multi-platinum single.

Among the highlights were the three titles certified by hip-hop duo LaFace/ZLG's OutKast, including “Roses” (gold and platinum), “The Way You Move” (gold and platinum) and their smash “Hey Ya!” (gold, platinum and multi-platinum).

A&M’s Black Eyed Peas earned a pair of gold awards for “Where Is The Love” and “Hey Mama” as did Columbia’s Beyonce for “Naughty Girl” and “Dangerously In Love” and the red-hot Usher for “Burn” and “Yeah!”

With the title track to their latest album, Hoobastank earned gold and platinum honors for “The Reason” while Maroon 5 picked up a gold and platinum award for “This Love.” Additionally, Maroon 5 earned a second gold award for “Harder To Breathe.”

A trio of artists from Warner Music Group earned gold awards as Jet’s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl,” The Darkness’ “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” and Kevin Lyttle’s “Turn Me On” have each passed the 100k download mark.

Capitol RecordsColdplay and Yellowcard each earned a gold award for “Clocks” and “Ocean Avenue,” respectively.

As with the existing award program, all certifications for the Digital Sales award are audited by the firm of Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman.