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“Napster To Go provides infinitely greater value and
is much more exciting than the iTunes pay-per-download model."
——Napster chief Chris Gorog


Napster Launches the Online Industry's First Portable Subscription Service
Following five months of beta testing, the Napster To Go portable subscription service was officially launched yesterday (2/3), along with the associated application Napster 3.0. The service, the first of its kind, allows users to grab an unlimited number of tracks from Napster’s million-plus catalog (they claim it’s the most extensive in the business, but then, who doesn’t?) to compatible MP3 players for $14.95 a month, while the 3.0 app will enable them to transfer readymade playlists of up to 50 songs to a device with one click.

To get the portable party started, the company will launch a $30 million marketing campaign, kicked off (that’s a metaphor) by a really expensive TV spot during Sunday’s Super Bowl (it’s enough to make one nostalgic for the pre-bubble ’90s, ain’t it?).

“Napster To Go provides infinitely greater value and is much more exciting than the iTunes pay-per-download model," Napster Chairman/CEO Chris Gorog asserted in a press release. “This is what consumers want, and Napster is once again proud to lead the industry by being the first in the world to offer this revolutionary new way to enjoy music. Did I say ‘To go’? Actually, I’ll eat it here.”

The campaign will be integrated with a “Works with Napster To Go” logo program that will appear in ads and on the packaging of compatible MP3 players, including the Creative Zen Micro, the Dell Pocket DJ and the iriver H10 MP3. The three manufacturers will include a one-month Napster To Go trial subscription with each device purchased.

The campaign will be particularly visible at Best Buy, which is committed to support the Napster To Go service and the tagged players. Said Best Buy VP of Digital Entertainment Scott Young, “Being able to take the music with you on a portable player should help take the popularity of subscription services to the next level.”