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The “misfortune” of a year or two without eating beignets in a suite at the Soniat House is absolutely ludicrous compared to the death, devastation, trauma and severe government neglect that has had such a horrific impact on so many people.


There’s a Time for the Ephemeral and a Time for the Essential, as Some in PoMoland Band Together and Do What They Can to Help
TIMES LIKE THESE: This is a hard column to begin. Given recent national events, whining about PDs whose heads are up their collective asses or writing about who’s getting what added where seems even more insignificant than usual. Nor is it appropriate to personally eulogize one of my favorite cities, New Orleans, since the “misfortune” of a year or two without eating beignets in a suite at the Soniat House is absolutely ludicrous compared to the death, devastation, trauma and severe government neglect that has had such a horrific impact on so many people. I would go so far as to say that FEMA’s inability to respond in a timely and effective manner is, in its own way, a form of terrorism. For a glimpse of the scope of human suffering, spend some time on www.nola.com. It’s unfathomable. As if you needed a reason for your blood to boil about this, www.michaelmoore.com offers further examples of our leaders’ inability to respond to this crisis. Thankfully, all of my friends and family members of friends in the area have been accounted for, and I hope the same holds true for your loved ones… As a collective whole, PoMo radio swiftly went into full-tilt fundraising for those affected by Hurricane Katrina. KROQ’s Kevin & Bean took on-air requests for donations, and the station sold 100 “pit” tickets for Sept. 17’s Inland Invasion for $1,000/ticket, with all of the proceeds going toward the relief effort. KCXX has been playing “requests” today for donations, with musicians also calling the station to pledge their support, including Tom Morello from Audioslave, who donated $1,200, 3 Doors Down, Coheed & Cambria, 30 Seconds to MarsJared Leto and many others. 99X and the aforementioned Audioslave will be donating a portion of the proceeds of the station’s Big Day In concert on October 25. The Red Cross has already reported donations exceeding $409 million, so it’s obvious people want to do what they can to help. (Don’t believe the Karl Rove-led campaign blaming local and state officials for victims being stranded without transportation when the hurricane hit, btw.) Not only is radio uniquely capable of creating a “community” of listeners, it all has the power to keep the community informed. While KKND has been off the air since the hurricane, other New Orleans-based businesses and music promoters (the organizers of Voodoo Fest, for example) have kept the world informed of their status through www.myspace.com. I encourage every station to set up a myspace page for this reason, which would also provide listeners with a “meeting area” in case of a disaster (assuming that someone, somewhere would have Internet access). Instead of those hours you spend in the office each day looking at shopping websites (who, me?), take some time to keep yourself informed, and help out wherever you can…. In the midst of all of this, there have been some big moves in radio, including Rick Schmidt (you remember him from WPLA) being named PD at DC101, replacing Joe Bevilacqua, who is now in charge of the Denver CC cluster, including KTCL (God bless presearch, which has guaranteed that almost every song I’ve ever cared about has never been added there). We were shocked to hear of Marc Young’s exit from KEDJ, since he is usually the first person we think of when asked, “Who is a future superstar in the programming world?” His departure can best be ascribed to “creative differences” between Marc and the station’s new owners, as KEDJ has been doing very well in the ratings! Former KZON PD Kevin Manion is the new at The Edge, and he certainly has a track record of success in Phoenix. Tim Virgin is “acting” PD at WHFS until they name a replacement for the irreplaceable Lisa Worden, and you should now add “MD” after his name, as that seems inevitable. When we last checked, Chris Williams is still “acting” PD at WBZY, although they recently named an OM, so who knows what will happen? Ah, we just heard he’s now “officially” the PD. That’s awesome. Kevin Stapleford is quickly making his mark as PD at 91X, hiring KFMA Tucson wunderkid Kallao for on-air/imaging, and an announcement will be made very soon regarding the return of one of PoMo radio’s best talents to 91X. Across the street, as it were, our dear friends at KBZT are thrilled to announce that the station’s “Back to Cool” show on Sept. 18, featuring Maximo Park, Finch, The Bravery, Bloc Party and headliners Interpol, has sold out! Now that’s cool!…. SONG TO HEAR: Against Me! “Don’t Lose Touch” (added at Live105). Really, please, stay in touch.