HITS Daily Double
We did see Virgin's Gorillaz jump from #17 to 14 with a 24% increase. Ah, the power of a hit summer tune!


Kelly Still #1, With Debuts From Rejects, Bow Wow and Some Slim Dude...
There are many weeks to get very excited about the HITS chart, but this week definitely ain’t one of ‘em...

Jive/ZLG’s R. Kelly manages to maintain the #1 spot, with 130k sold. Nevertheless, that number reflects a drop of 74%, which might be termed pretty extraordinary in and of itself. Two debuts on the urban tip secure the #2 and #3 spots, with Geffen’s Slim Thug hitting second place at 129k (no word yet on a release from his kinder ‘n’ gentler bro, Fatso Nice Guy), while Sony Urban/Columbia’s Bow Wow marks his territory at third place, with 115k. Woof!

There’s just no stopping the artists in the next two spots, the musical equivalents of the Eveready BunnyCapitol’s Coldplay drops one position to #4 at 100k, while Island/IDJ diva Mariah Carey also drops a spot to #4, with a still impressive 98k.

The only notable rock debut this week comes courtesy of DreamWorksAll-American Rejects—no rejects in reality—hitting #6 at 89k. But we did see Virgin's Gorillaz jump from #17 to 14, a 24% increase at 52k. Ah, the power of a hit summer tune! TVT’s Ying Yang Twins come in at #7, with 69k; A&M/Interscope’s pop sensation Black Eyed Peas drop a position to #8, with 65k and Victory/Atlantic’s Missy Elliott come in #9 with 64k. Rounding things out is George Strait (MCA Nashville), the only country representative in the Top 15, at #10 with 60k.

Other notable debuts: Concord’s classic rock queen Carole King demonstrates a surprisingly strong return at #18 with 42k; Koch’s rappin’ Diplomats (who’d like to have a word with Slim Thug, if not Fatso Nice Guy) at #19 with 40k and the Atlantic- soundtrack to Hustle & Flow at #30, with 29k. Finally, Willie Nelson’s been smoking so much pot—and that’s news?—that he now thinks he’s a Rastaman...and his Countryman (Lost Highway/IDJ) debuts at #43, with 22k sold. In other fascinating news: It’s summer! It’s freakin’ hot! And fans should be very gratified to know that they’ll be in much demand during the next several weeks.

Look for debuts next week from Now, Volume 19, Mary Mary and Jermaine Dupri Presents. We’re outta here.