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Yo check dis, in orda to get some punanni, yous ave to take da chic out to grub at kfc and get er a little bit ratted.


Plenty of Action in A&R-Land as Weasels Don Their Best Costumes and Make Like Real-Life Talent Execs
by Rodel Delfin

Wot do youse think is all da rumors and gossip goin on about wiv three label ’eads as their contracts is soon up. If dis does go down, would da A&R batty boy bruvers at da label cukabillys make moves too? Will we check some maja musical chairs appun in da next 6 months? And will someone tranzlate dis shite to me? Looks like me ave to lay off smokin da ganja… BACK TO THE NEWS: The Carl Stubner-managed/Kent Marcus-repped Luna Halo has label reps headed to Atlanta to court the band this week. Word on the street was the band was off the market a couple weeks ago as it looks like they were closing with a West Coast label, but now it appears the deal will close elsewhere… The Firm’s Andy Gould has picked former Something Corporate band member William Tell as a new client. Tell, who is now pursuing a solo career, reportedly has no commitments to Geffen and will soon shop for a new deal. Word on the street is that label folks are already calling. Gould, who rarely picks up new unsigned clients, will mediate the weaseltude, along with barrister Peter Paterno. Stay tuned… The Kevin Held-managed/Steve Sessa-repped King Elementary has signed with Andy Slater and Ron Laffitte at Capitol Records. The Mississippi-based group has a finished record in-hand by Modest Mouse producer Dennis Herring. Meanwhile, another Sessa-repped group, Giant Drag, has signed with Interscope Records. Looks like Sessa maintains his shopping clout as he continues to have a stable of newly signed clients with records releasing in the coming year… Guy O and crew at Maverick have been busy closing deals of late. The Fred Croshal/Shawna Hillary-repped group The Finalist sign with Scott Austin and Kevin Williamson. Meanwhile, Maverick also inks former IDJ group American Hi-Fi … Lots of chatter going on about Hilary’s sister Haylie Duff meeting with several labels. We’ll keep you posted… BUZZ/GIGS: Check out This Blue Holiday at Pianos in NYC on Tuesday (11/2) at 8 p.m; more NYC action the next day on Wed. (11/3) as several A&R hitters have RSVP’d to see Monty’s Fan Club at CBGB’s; and Like Yesterday maintains their post-CMJ buzz, playing the Troubadour in L.A. on Tue. (11/9)… BUZZIN': Rock Kills Kid, the Phamily and Sleepwell… Yo check dis, in orda to get some punanni, yous ave to take da chic out to grub at kfc and get er a little bit ratted: [email protected].