HITS Daily Double
Sinus infection plus antibiotic equals migraine plus sinus infection minus day-in-the-office plus writing column-while-still-in-pjs plus Divorce Court (on mute) plus looming tax deadline (extension, please) plus vertigo from aforementioned malady adds up to me feeling like I just got bashed in the head by Mike O’Conner’s "f*ckstick."


Lots of Comings and Goings, As HFStival Gets Underway, Morrissey and Modest Mouse Prove Mighty, and Velvet Revolver, Three Days Grace and The Darkness Grow on Her

Here’s today’s math equation: sinus infection plus antibiotic equals migraine plus sinus infection minus day-in-the-office plus writing column-while-still-in-pjs plus Divorce Court (on mute) plus looming tax deadline (extension, please) plus vertigo from aforementioned malady adds up to me feeling like I just got bashed in the head by Mike O’Conner’s "f*ckstick." (my condition is comparable to the effect of reading all 125 pages of court opinion from http://www.co.uscourts.gov/opinions/ewn_01-1523.pdf).

In an effort to unscramble my own brain, as well as give everyone the updated "landscape" of who’s who and who’s where, I thought I’d devote (squander) the column with the latest news… Where’s Halloran and his map when I need him?

Let’s start with radio: As you know, Jacent Jacent exited KQXR Boise for the MD gig at Q101 Chicago. Eric Kristensen left sunny WPBZ W. Palm Beach (and our beloved John O’Connell) to replace Jacent as PD at KQXR. Meanwhile, Libby Carstensen split KFMA Tucson (the breeding ground for some of the format’s biggest stars, like Stryker, John Michael, etc.) to join Lisa Worden as APD at WHFS. The WHFS gang is in the midst of HFStival mania, with the morning show (The Junkies) announcing three new bands every morning. So far, The Offspring, P.O.D., Papa Roach, O.A.R., lostprophets and Yeah Yeah Yeahs have been revealed. This is the first Memorial Day weekend in more than a decade I won’t be spending in D.C. (since the festival is a week earlier this year, on May 22).

Longtime WHFS-er Bob Waugh is now OM at WRNR Annapolis, hired by station principal (and former K-Rock PD) Steve Kingston. In the past few weeks, WRNR has added My Morning Jacket, Morrissey, Toots & the Maytals, Norah Jones, Alanis and Michael Andrews f/ Gary Jules. I’m assuming I am their target demo (once they start playing Hanson). While on the topic of former WHFS-ers, we were happy to hear that Robert Benjamin has resurfaced at AOL Radio @ Network as Alternative/Rock Program Manager, reachable at 415-844-9198, [email protected]. In his new gig, Robert will be programming and branding Radio@AOL stations, including Top Alternative, Alt Mix, Xtreme Alternative, Modern Punk, ‘90s Alternative and ‘80s Alternative. If the music you’re working fits into any of those categories, send it to AOL Radio @ Network, 333 Bush St., 23rd Fl, San Francisco, CA 94104.

So, back in Tucson, Calexico and Truly-Nolen Pest Control trucks, KFMA APD Matt Spry has been given the PD nod. By the time I get to Phoenix, Mitzie Lewis will be MD at KZON. In San Diego, Halloran has managed to remain in the same place for more than a year, and KBZT continues to win. Former DreamWorks promo heavy Matt Smith was named MD at KROQ, while continuing to be part of Kevin & Bean’s morning show team. This is really old news, so consider this a refresher course.

When we "kidnap" Hollywood’s Geordie Gillespie this Monday to spend his birthday seeing The Polyphonic Spree open for David Bowie in Santa Barbara, perhaps we will invite new KJEE MD Dave Hanacek to join us at La Superica Taco. Especially if Eddie G. is buying! Further up the coast, Sam Hiller is the "acting" MD at KMBY. This shouldn’t be a problem for someone in a market where Clint Eastwood can "act" as Mayor.

Lance Hale left WLRS Louisville to be PD at Active WRQC Ft. Myers. WLRS APD/MD Annrae Fitzgerald is "acting" PD, and will most likely be named "official" PD. Hurricane Shane was helping Dave Rossi at WAVF, but we hear he’s now back in Alabama at WANZ. Eric Hall remains at WANZ.

Charlie Shaw is the new APD/MD at WXNR, in charge of finding matzoh for Jeff Sanders. She used to be at WDYL. Dustin Matthews is now afternoons/MD at WDYL, following a stint at WNFZ. Greg Sutton is the new MD/nights guy at WNFZ. He used to be in Florida, where he was "out of the format."

Following the sale of WWRX, PD Kevin Mays is now APD/MD at WBTZ. Jonathan Lev is still trying to find Burlington, VT, on a map.

On the label front, the new lean, mean RCA Music Group team of Bill Burrs and Dennis Blair made a huge impression by being far-and-away #1 Most Added this week with Velvet Revolver’s "Slither," including EVERY major. We hail them.

The Morrissey juggernaut continues, as Drew Murray, Mark Chotiner and the rest of the Sanctuary gang reel in Live105, KDGE, KCNL, KWOD, WBUZ and more. Ask KROQ how big "Irish Blood, English Heart" is for them.

When Modest Mouse’s new CD can debut with over 50k sales, it’s time for PoMo to "Float On." The fans know what radio is finally learning—this is a band at its creative zeitgeist. Epic is loaded with PoMo smashes right now: Modest Mouse, Incubus, Audioslave, Phantom Planet, Korn, and its newest signing, Franz Ferdinand, whose "Take Me Out" is the SONG OF THE YEAR.

Although it took Jive’s Lorraine Caruso and Joanne Grand nine long months to "deliver" Three Days Grace’s "I Hate Everything About You," the new single, "Just Like You," is a born SMASH. Big adds this week included K-Rock, WLRS, WBUZ, WXEG, KRZQ, among others. I wouldn’t be surprised if BOTH singles are in the Top 20 next week… Although the singer of Muse bashed himself in the face with his guitar during the band’s sold-out Atlanta show, forcing the cancellation of the Philly date, Y100 still added "Time Is Running Out" this week, as did K-Rock and WARQ!

Speaking of Atlanta, Leslie Fram said The Darkness in-store for 99X was beyond crowded. The following night, members of Cheap Trick and Aerosmith attended the band’s show at the Tabernacle. How cool! Leslie also reports that the new 99X Morning X is doing great. MD Jay Harren and I had our "moment" during the Spree show at SxSW, and we’re even further bonded (if that’s possible) over our mutual love of The Killers’ single, "Somebody Told Me."

SONG TO HEAR: The Darkness’ "Growing On Me"

PEOPLE TO WATCH: Bill Carroll, Bonnie Slifkin, Sean Demery, Oedipus, Kris Metzdorf, Howard Leon, Steve Leeds, Ron Cerrito and Holly Schomann.