HITS Daily Double


Bands Are Packing 'Em In, But Baby,
It's Cold Outside
It's been a whirlwind of activity, from stalking Matt from Aqualung to Bravery gigs, with as much Blue Nile time in between as possible. Efforts to see a million bands in a million clubs were thwarted by long lines and a punishing schedule. Yesterday The Bravery did a packed-to-the-gills in-store at Waterloo Records. Then I ran over to the Hotel Cafe party to see Aqualung, only to be told they were running two hours behind. So, off to the KROX open house. Any opportunity to see Lynn Barstow is a priority—I don't say this about many programmers, but he rules. Back to the Hotel Cafe—two hours is now three hours.
Went to Manuel's for a multi-label clusterfuck radio dinner. Great people there, and I didn't even have to beat up WBRU PD Seth Resler about Interpol because KNRK MD Jaime Cooley was happy to do my bidding. After dinner I tried to see the Kaiser Chiefs but had no luck cutting the line (I pride myself on having never seen a line I couldn't cut, but apparently news of my disregard for the queue has spread to Austin).
Brought a carload of Q101-ers to the airplane hangar where The Bravery were opening for Queens of the Stone Age. Noticed it was 42 degrees. Once my hands thaw, I will finish this report.
Off to the Diesel event at a bowling alley where The Bravery are about to play. Jewish girls don't bowl (I won't share shoes with anybody), but they definitely love The Bravery.
I'm operating on fumes at this point.