HITS Daily Double
Lenny: jewish girls should not dance
Ivana: "we spies we slow hands you put the weights around your self..."
Lenny: oy


The Return of Max to WFNX, Coheed's on WBCN, The Bravery's In Town and So Are Green Day, The Explosion, The Thrills and Dredg

Lenny: so, how's the week going?
Ivana: kinda crazy. did you hear that Max is going back to WFNX?
Lenny: which one is Max
Ivana: Tolkoff... my, um, counterpart at R&R, who used to work at A&M too
Lenny: didn't his wife work for us?
Ivana: yes, but then Tami got smart and went back to Epitaph
Ivana: I guess you can go home again, which reminds me, my 25th high school reunion is coming up--I wonder if Hanson will go with me?
Lenny: u need three boys?
Ivana: one for every prom I didn't attend while in high school
Lenny: howzabout the week coheed & cambria is having, kudos to cerrito, harty and dimaio for that and crossfade, two grinders with big wins
Ivana: Definitely! WBCN on Coheed... huge!
Lenny: how are some of your other faves doing this week?
Ivana: Interpol! A massive week, including an MTV2 add, as well as Y100, WRAX, WNFZ, WROX and a bunch of other guys who NEVER played this band before
Lenny: i guess there's a first time for everything
Ivana: the new CD comes out Tuesday. They'll be here to do Loveline, a Virgin Megastore instore, Leno, etc.
Lenny: yep, big week in lala? the bravery is here opening for echo & the bunnymen and the dodgers and giants are battling for the championship
Ivana: who? are those sports teams?
Lenny: yes, echo is in the national league and the bravery is in the wnba
Ivana: I spent Saturday in the beautiful 909 at KROQ's Inland Invasion show. Missed The Killers by minutes, but Devo was AWESOME
Lenny: ick, ick, ick... but love those kroq people, especially when they have their golf tournament
Ivana: I really love The Explosion on Virgin, and that's not just because I worship the ground Jenni Sperandeo walks on
Lenny: me too, they’re kinda cool and that bill carroll gentlemen is doing a good job on a new act
Ivana: Yes they are: WJBX, WDYL, KQXR and more this week. Plus KNRK added "Whatever Happened to Corey Haim" from the new Thrills record. I figure he'll be on next season's Surreal Life
Lenny: the thrills are cool, i hope people pay attention to this album, the last one was an awesome debut
Ivana: stop the presses: wwwx in appleton-oshkosh just flipped to PoMo—wonder what that's going to cost?
Lenny: um, uh, don't most people flip out of PoMo
Ivana: or flip out while IN PoMo
Lenny: good point, well brought out. what's up with ted volk these days? don't hear much from him until clippers time
Ivana: He's got The Music in him
Lenny: i don't know how to respond to that
Ivana: "Just like Kiki Dee" is the correct response
Lenny: better than having elton john in him, i guess
Ivana: depends. He wouldn't have to work so hard
Lenny: new topic please
Ivana: Wouldn't it be great if Prog Rock came back. Muse is definitely leading the charge—Goldklang is doing great with "Hysteria." The new Dredg record will blow people's minds
Lenny: dredg is fucking amazing
Ivana: I bet they could write a killer song in 13/8, which is the key to my heart (along with Prada)
Lenny: whatthefuck is 13/8.. the score of the yankees/red sox game??? is Prada the new clippers point guard?
Lenny: green day album is huge, PoMo sells records, this is good
Ivana: the green day album is brilliant and the new Sum 41 song is genius. I had dinner last night with Geordie Gillespie. He's happy, Breaking Benjamin is #3! Hollywood just signed a distribution deal with Kemado, so he'll get to work Elefant...swoon!
Lenny: breaking benjamin is one of the year's best promo jobs. no one liked that record, absolutely uncool. uncool fucking SMASH
Ivana: interpol is on KROQ now. I have to do my "slow hands" dance. brb
Lenny: jewish girls should not dance
Ivana: "we spies we slow hands you put the weights around your self..."
Lenny: oy
Ivana: i'll be in austin with jody denberg and keaton simons for yom kippur. add kinky friedman and we’ve got a minion…so what should my "fall back" plan be? i should have one, right? i mean, radio doesn't want to play music, so what if i'm rendered obsolete
Lenny: IF?
Ivana: maybe I should find the oboe I have somewhere in the garage and join The Polyphonic Spree
Lenny: :
u don't look good in a robe
Ivana: maybe I should join The Donnas. They have a career. I used to work with the mother of one of them at A&M.
Lenny: joel gallen?
Ivana: he needs nanny for his new baby. not sure i'd be the lead candidate, since children smell fear
Lenny: and children are perceptive..... say goodnight gracie
Ivana: goodnight gracie