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"We're doing a world search. The winner gets to be the lead singer in an established rock band, and go on a world tour."
—Mark Burnett on his new Rock Star reality show.


Mark Burnett Reveals Details for Rock Version of American Idol on Access Hollywood
Get ready to rock & roll, Survivor style.

Mark Burnett, the producer of the groundbreaking reality series as well as the hit The Apprentice, annnounced his next project would be Rock Star on TV’s Access Hollywood.

In the proposed show, which has yet to start production or find a network home, contestants from around the world will compete for the opportunity to become the lead singer in a popular rock band and go on a world tour.

"The idea of looking for the next great rock star, I think is so compelling," Burnett told the syndicated show’s Billy Bush. "I mean, the people you look back on, like Bono of U2, Mick Jagger and Michael Stipe of REM... We're doing a world search. The winner gets to be the lead singer in an established rock band, and go on a world tour." While Burnett couldn't reveal the band's identity, he promises that "it's a big name."

The reality impresario says the show will focus on a music format that he thinks has been virtually ignored thus far, especially by American Idol. "I feel that there's room on TV for more than one great big talent show, and I feel that rock music has been totally left out of that mix," he says. Burnett say, the show will introduce entirely new concepts to the audience while incorporating all the dramatic elements into the show that viewers have come to expect from him.

One significant difference between Rock Star and American Idol will be the way the winner is decided. Rather than being chosen entirely by the viewers, Burnett explains: "The band members will be one vote, America will be one vote, and an expert will be one vote."

At this time, Burnett says that he "hasn't decided" what network Rock Star will air on.

Burnett will make his first official foray into the music business this week with next Tuesday’s release of Two Shots on Decca/Universal Classics, the debut album from Matt Dusk, one of the main stars of the producer’s newest reality show, The Casino, which debuts Monday night at 9 p.m. on Fox.

Dusk will be featured in every episode and will perform on many of the shows as well. The title track was originally penned by U2’s Bono and Edge for Frank Sinatra, who died before he could record the song, but the two gave permission for Dusk to cover it.