HITS Daily Double


Your Intrepid Weaselboy Lays Down the
Week's Juicy Bits
By Rodel Delfin

THE PASSION OF THE CHRISTIANS: Don’t forget that church people still like to buy those shiny little discs. Does it say anywhere in the Bible, “Thou shalt not download unauthorized music from P2P networks”? So, when a Jesus-loving artist becomes a free-agent—enterprising weasels hear cha-ching! The phone calls are coming in and starting a derby for the Dennis Rider-repped David Hodges. The former Evanescence member, who co-wrote, performed backing vocals and keyboards with the band, has been pursuing a solo career since his departure from the group. Who’s in pursuit? Stand by... The Steve Sessa/David Christianson-repped Avion has been getting phone calls from several labels after the band continues to get action with Hot AC stations. This one is garnering requests. So don’t sleep... Lots of label folks were at the Francois Mobasser-repped Fader show at the Viper Room this week. Reps from Columbia, Geffen, Velvet Hammer, Capitol, Atlantic and RCA, among others, were in the house. Keep an eye on this one... It looks like the Bill Berrol/Creighton Burke-repped MxPx has parted ways with Interscope/A&M. The group recorded four albums with the label and their catalog has sold nearly a million records. The group is currently on tour in Europe. Word on the street is that several labels have already made calls to the band’s handlers. Expect label reps to descend on the band’s next stateside date (see buzz/gigs)... Are a couple of labels making a pre-emptive move on the Andrew Brightman-repped Rock-N-Roll Soldiers? Word on the street is that one label suitor is submitting paperwork to take the band off the market before their upcoming show in Eugene, OR in June. Stay tuned... Meanwhile, more scuttlebutt continues about the Atlantic-Elektra roster cuts. Although the L.A. Times recently reported that Elektra act Third Eye Blind was among the artists dropped from the label, sources from the band’s camp share that the band has not been dropped, and the group’s future with Elektra has yet to be determined. What gives?... BUZZ/GIGS: Shows to check out in the weeks to come: Morningwood on Tue., June 1, at the Knitting Factory in N.Y... Rubikon on Tue., June 1, at CBGB in N.Y... Home Town Hero plays on Wed., June 16, at the Troubadour in L.A... MxPx plays on Fri., June 25, at the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar, CA... BUZZIN’: The Jealous Sound... Hit me up: [email protected]