HITS Daily Double
LENNY: Downfall is a must-see for holocaust-ophiles.

JE-C: You just love your NAZI movies, don’t you, Pops?


In This Week’s Episode, Je-C and His Old Man Watch Some Games and Compare Notes on the Best Movies of the Year So Far
Friday, Sept. 9
Padres vs. Dodgers @ Chavez Ravine:
As a Dodgers fan, it's hard to stay optimistic with all the bad things that have happened this year, but there is still a glimmer of hope after a pair of ninth-inning rallies to beat the hated Giants. The Dodgers will need to sweep the Pads in order to have any chance of winning the division.

Shelter From the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast:
One-hour all-network telethon features such performers as Neil Young, Rod Stewart, Randy Newman, Kanye West, Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey. Live on the East Coast.

The Queen of Soul Live: Aretha Franklin @ Gibson Amphitheatre (aka Universal Amphitheatre)
Sept 10th

Saturday, Sept. 10
Notre Dame @ Michigan:
Are the new-look, Charlie-Weis-coached Irish as good as they appeared to be last week in crushing Pittsburgh? We’ll find out when they play #3 Michigan in Saturday’s roll-out-of-bed game (ABC).

Padres vs. Dodgers
: Afternoon game at Chavez Ravine; what could be better?

Aretha Franklin @ Gibson Amphitheatre

Check local listings for these shows in your area:
White Stripes w/ the Greenhornes @ Ohio State Theatre, Columbus
Interpol @ Uptown Theatre, Kansas City

Sunday, Sept. 11
Week one of the NFL season has finally arrived. Here are the games to watch:

Jets vs. Chiefs
Titans vs. Steelers: Norm Chow
makes his NFL debut as the new offensive coordinator for the Titans.

Arizona Cardinals vs. N.Y. Giants:
Look out for the Cardinals this year—they have a revamped team, and they could be a sleeper.

Padres vs. Dodgers
: Concluding game of this weekend series… Hopefully the D-men will be going for a sweep.

Lisa Marie Presley @ House of Blues, Chicago

Carlos Vives @ Gibson Amphitheatre

The War at Home:
Premiere of the series, starring Michael Rapaport. This one looks funny (Fox).

Family Guy: Season premiere (also on Fox). I am so excited; I’ve been waiting for new episodes!!!

The Bravery @ the Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver

Tuesday, Sept. 13
Tommy Lee
in-store at FYE in the Florida Mall (8001 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando)

Chevelle w/ Taproot @ Majestic Ventura Amphitheatre, Ventura

The Excorcism of Emily Rose
Starring: Laura Linney
, Tom Wilkinson, Campbell Scott, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Jennifer Carpenter, Colm Feore
After the Catholic Church officially recognizes the demonic possession of a 19-year-old college student; it dispatches a priest to perform an exorcism. But the girl dies during the procedure, and soon the priest is on trial for negligence. Laura Linney plays the lawyer charged with defending him.
Thoughts: My girlfriend and I are all over this one. I’ve never been a big fan of The Excorcist, but I think this one could be good. They claim it’s based on a true story, but I don’t know how much I believe that. Either way, it looks really scary.

The Man
Starring: Samuel L. Jackson
, Eugene Levy, Miguel Ferrer, Luke Goss, Anthony Mackie, Susie Essman, Horatio Sanz and Rachel Crawford
Synopsis: Federal agent Derrick Vann has 24 hours to recover a pile of stolen weapons and find his former partner's killers. This becomes much more challenging when the bad guys mistake salesman Andy Fiddler for the gun buyer. Now, Vann has to get Andy to pose as the front man in a sting operation.
Thoughts: I am betting this one is a STINKER.

An Unfinished Life
Starring: Jennifer Lopez
, Robert Redford, Morgan Freeman, Josh Lucas, Damian Lewis, Becca Gardner and Camryn Manheim
Synopsis: Rugged Wyoming rancher Einar spends his days tending his acreage and caring for his best friend, the injured Mitch. When the daughter-in-law he blames for his son's death turns up on his doorstep with the granddaughter he never knew he had, he's forced to re-examine his life and the assumptions he made about the past.
Thoughts: I don’t know much about this movie, but it has an amazing cast, so I’m guessing it might be good.

Right now, this is my movie of the year, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you better get to your local Blockbuster and check it out; it’s amazing.

Re-release of The Deer Hunter and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Here are my dad’s favorite movies of the year so far. Oddly enough, we agree on some of these. Maybe the old man actually knows what he’s talking about.

10. Upside of Anger: An intelligent family drama with a surprisingly good performance from Kevin Costner.
9. Broken Flowers: Cannes festival favorite featuring Bill Murray nearly reprising his Lost in Translation persona, with great performances from Jeffrey Wright and Six Feet Under's Frances Conroy.
8. Grizzly Man: In the year of the documentary, this portrayal of Alaskan bear-man who was murdered by a bear after 13 years in the wild is a stunning portrayal of good intentions gone amok.
7. A Very Long Engagement: This WWI epic features the brilliant Audrey Tatou and one of the best storylines of the year. It was nominated for an Academy Award last year and could have easily won if more people had seen it. A must-rental.
6. Walk on Water: Actually the first Israeli-made film that I have ever seen, and it's a doozy. Follows the exploits of a Mossad assassin tracking a missing Nazi official.
5. Hustle & Flow: Easily the best movie ever made about the rap music business on the streets and in people's homes. Features a star-making turn by Terrence Howard and some truly catchy music.
4. Sin City: I am a fan of neither comic book movies nor ultra-violence, both of which set the background for this brilliant noir winner. The best cinematography of the year and a knockout cast highlight this must see instant-classic.
3. Downfall: The last days of Adolf Hitler and his homies in the bunker, based on actual eyewitness testimony. A must-see for holocaust-ophiles. Bruno Ganz sizzles in the lead. [You just love your NAZI movies, don’t you, Pops?]
2. March of the Penguins: Simply the most-entertaining and incredible real-life wildlife story ever filmed. It is this year's can't-miss word of mouth giant featuring Morgan Freeman's impeccable narration. Although, the real footage of the "making of" might be even better. This is an Academy Award LOCK.
1. Crash: Here's where Je-C and I concur. This perfectly rounded story of racial upheaval in Los Angeles is easily the best movie so far this year. Paul Haggis, who wrote Million Dollar Baby, steps into the director's chair and is an instant Oscar contender. So far, the movie to beat, going into the fall. [Good call, Pops. This one is a winner!]