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"This course gives students the basic building blocks of a successful career—access to the players and a how-to for every major discipline. No matter what you do in the business, you'll do it better after taking this class."
——Tom Sturges, Universal Music Publishing EVP Creative Affairs


HITS’ Beer, Universal Music Publishing’s Sturges, The Doors manager Jampol Offer a Wide Range of Guests Speakers
Want a successful career in the music and entertainment business?

Well, you probably won’t get it at UCLA’s "The Music Business: Now," taught by three guys whose idea of college is stuffing phone booths, swallowing goldfish and being hazed by fraternity brothers. The subhead of the course says it all: "How It Really Works, and the People & Events That Influence It."

The course will be held at Haines Hall on the UCLA Main Campus, starting Wednesday evening, Jan. 12, for 12 consecutive weeks, at 7-10 p.m.

For registration information, click http://www.uclaextension.edu/index.cfm?reg=Q8535U&href=/courseListings/course_display/CourseDetails.cfm for Quick Register, call (310) 825-9064 or go to www.uclaextension.edu.

HITS’ own Lenny Beer, Universal Music Publishing EVP Creative Affairs Tom Sturges and The Doors manager Jeff Jampol invite all the cutest co-eds to sign up for the course, which offers, according to our well-thumbed syllabus, "a broad-based knowledge of all aspects of the music business." The three veterans have almost a century of combined experience in the record industry, which is almost as old as some professors on campus.

"It’s a great course to learn about what’s happening right now in the business," says Beer, who will host a weekly overview and analysis of the most compelling events in the record industry, "What Happened This Week." "It’s about what’s going on right now… The curriculum is the day’s current events. It’s as valuable for people just breaking into the business as it is to those looking to get ahead in their careers by networking with some of the most important players in our industry."

Each student will also receive free online access, good for the duration of the quarter, to MIS/MediaBase, the industry standard for radio and video performance/chart monitoring.

Added Sturges: "When I started in the business, there was no place to go to learn the basics of the game and how it was played, or to meet the managers, A&R and radio execs and other industry tastemakers. This course gives students the basic building blocks of a successful career—access to the players and a how-to for every major discipline. No matter what you do in the business, you'll do it better after taking this class."

Subjects covered include: Making deals, the rules of the game, new artist development, brand creation and marketing, building and maintaining a fan base, the live show and touring, selling online and marketing via new media, sales and retail, music publishing/licensing, film and television, MTV, and radio & video promotion.

Students will meet, learn from, and have a chance to forge connections with top executives in the entertainment business today via one-on-one class interviews as well as panel discussions. Participants will work in teams to create full-scale marketing and artist development plans.

Among those scheduled to participate are Capitol RecordsAndrew Slater, Geffen/DreamWorksPolly Anthony, A&M’s Ron Fair, IDJ’s Antonio "L.A" Reid and Steve Bartels, WSM/Rhino’s Scott Pascucci, Sony/ATV’s Danny Strick, BMG Music Publishing’s Scott Francis, Universal Music Publishing’s David Renzer, Chrysalis Music Publishing’s Kenny MacPherson, Irving Azoff, The Firm’s Jeff Kwatinetz, Andy Gould and Arthur Spivak, Jim Guerinot, Kenneth Crear, Sanctuary’s Rick Sales, Richard Bishop, Herb Trawick, CAA’s Rob Light, KROQ’s Kevin Weatherly, Reprise’s Phil Costello, Mediabase-MIS's Jeff Gelb, WB’s Tom "Grover" Biery, MTV’s Peter Baron, Island’s Evan Prager, Bill Silva, EA’s Steve Schnur, Fanscape’s Larry Weintraub, Launch’s Jay Frank, EMI Music’s Jody Gerson, Interscope’s Mark Williams, Capitol’s Ron Laffitte and Clear Channel Entertainment’s Eric Herz.

Added Jampol: "The original genesis of this course took place 11 years ago, when a bunch of us got sick of doing these panels where no one learned anything… We wanted to get together with the best pros we could to form a real post-collegiate advanced music business program to study what we really do."