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Slim Shady Due Back in Court, But This Time
as Plaintiff
Eminem’s complaint that Apple Computer used his song in advertising without his permission holds enough water that a lawsuit can proceed, a federal judge has ruled.

The suit, brought by Eminem’s publishing company, alleges that Apple used the Oscar-winning 8 Mile soundtrack hit “Lose Yourself” in a Summer 2003 ad for the company’s iPod/iTunes products even though Eminem had previously denied permission to use the song, according to reports.

The ad, which aired on MTV and on Apple’s Web site, featured a young boy singing the song while listening to an iPod.

Apple, Viacom and ad agency Chiat/Day are each named as defendants in the suit, which claims Eminem has never done a national product endorsement.

In other Apple news, the company today announced that it has partnered with Chinese PC maker Founder to bundle iTunes with all Founder PCs starting next month. Digital music is very much on the rise in China, and iTunes is already the “runaway market leader,” according to Founder Chairman Wei Xin.