HITS Daily Double


Both Sweat and Suit Giving the Cash Registers a Workout
Despite the impact of hurricane after hurricane in the Southeast, which obviously has put people’s minds on things like survival as opposed to going out and trying to cop their favorite artist’s new album, Nelly’s twin releases, Sweat and Suit (Fo Reel/Universal) are set to debut at #1 and #2 on this week’s chart.

As the tallying of retail reports continues, it looks like Suit (featuring a smoother Nelly) remains on track to grab #1 with first-week sales estimated at 400k-410k, with Sweat trailing slightly at #2 with sales of somewhere between 380k-400k.

Nelly, of course, is an international superstar, but one can’t help but wonder how much bigger this first week might have been for him in the U.S. if much of the south hadn’t just been ravaged by natural disaster.

We’ll never know, of course, but in spite of the damage, Nelly will still dominate the top of the chart with a collective week of approximately 800k, unseating last week’s Top Two cowboys Alan Jackson and Tim McGraw. And that's a pretty good week regardless of the weather.

Meanwhile, noteworthy albums hitting the streets tomorrow include Capitol Nashville’s Keith Urban, Reprise’s Green Day and Epic’s Chevelle. Early forecasts predict that Urban will move about 150k-200k, Green Day will do about 125k and Chevelle to post around 100k in their first week.