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Geffen's Debuting Slim Thug Has a Shot at Unseating Last Week's Sales Champ
Earlier on Monday, it looked like R. Kelly had the top spot on the album chart in the bag for the second straight week. But as retail reports from the weekend began to pour in, it started become apparent that TP.3 Reloaded (Jive) had dropped more than the 50-60% typical in week two; in this case, the decrease now appears to be closer to 80%. That means Kelly's album will finish in the neighborhood of 130k-135k.

That puts the veteran precariously close to the debuting Slim Thug, whose Already Platinum (Geffen) is in line to ring up a sales total of about 125k. So, just like that, the rapper, who figured to be in a fight for #2, suddenly finds himself tantalizingly close to being in contention for all the marbles.

Assuming Kelly hangs on, the Thugster will still have to battle past Coldplay, whose X&Y (Capitol) has been holding its ground, registering 127k last week, and Mariah Carey, whose smash The Emancipation of Mimi likewise has been stubbornly hovering around last week’s 115k figure.

Thug is one of three hip-hop projects making their debuts this week. Former shorty Bow Wow (no more “Lil” for him) should see around 100k for his latest, Wanted, while The DiplomatsDipset: More Than Music (Koch) should be good for 55k-60k.

Also hitting the chart this week will be Interscope’s All-American Rejects, whose Move Along looks headed for a first-week total of 75k.

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