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Chairman/CEO Promotes Nickelodeon’s Scannell, International’s Roedy to Vice Chairman Posts
MTV Networks Group Chairman/CEO Judy McGrath today made Nickelodeon overlord Herb Scannell and MTV International hotshot Bill Roedy Vice Chairmen of the company.

The major promotions mean Scannell’s full title is now Vice Chairman, MTV Networks and President, Nickelodeon Networks, while Roedy’s is Vice Chairman, MTV Networks and President, MTV Networks International. Gosh, that must be hard to fit on a business card.

"These two appointments help ensure that MTV Networks will continue to be an industry leader both domestically and worldwide," said McGrath. "As a business leader, Herb has dramatically grown Nickelodeon into one of cable's most profitable and successful networks, uniquely positioned with three revenue streams, including a robust licensing business, and successfully developed new channels such as TV Land, Noggin and the transition to Spike TV. This is the perfect time for him to expand his focus and to take on this additional corporate role. I'm looking forward to Herb bringing his unique combination of business and cultural strengths to our organization.

"This new role for Bill recognizes his great work running our most complicated and widespread business so well, for so long,” McGrath continued. “With Bill's leadership, we've become the first truly global media company. I'm looking forward to working closely with Bill as he takes the international business to the next level by continuing to rollout our networks worldwide and expanding them across multi-media platforms, while also passionately championing dynamic global pro-social campaigns."

Scannell, in addition to continuing to oversee Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, TV Land, Noggin/The N and Spike TV, will take on the added responsibility of heading up development of several new channels and multimedia initiatives targeting emerging and specialized audiences. He will also take on oversight of corporate functions including business development, human resources, law and business affairs, IS&T and creative services.

Roedy, who currently heads MTVN International from London, will continue in that capacity, while also oversee his division's investments and expansions into multimedia platforms. Additionally, he’ll continue to lead the company’s global public affairs initiatives.