HITS Daily Double
IVANA: are you feeling insecure about "us?"
LENNY: i am all good and nothing is wrong. and i am proud to know you. now, can u meet me at an airport
IVANA: oh no. do you have a press release? am i being fired?
LENNY: hired adelson and trakin to work on it
IVANA: talk about high


This Episode of the Long-Running IM Has Everything—Even a Cameo From Guerinot
IVANA: so sherri and i celebrated her official, permanent return to hits by going to the triple-a summit in boulder
LENNY: so let's hear about your adventures
IVANA: we arrived in time to see aqualung perform at lunch--did you see that 99x added "brighter than sunshine" last week? that's the best song of the year
LENNY: i loved it last year also
IVANA: me too. any reader of this drivel knows i've been obsessed with aqualung since sxsw '04
LENNY: how was he live?
IVANA: it's a 3-piece. completely genius. he did a version of "god only knows" that left me more breathless than the altitude
LENNY: strong and his sales have been growing. other convention highlights please?
IVANA: i stopped stalking him momentarily to see beth orton and turin brakes record a show at e-town. errol, dayna and boyfriend-to-the-world dan connelly were there, and sherri and i were hanging out with rae cline and lorraine caruso. then we ran to see the fray at the fox and then james blunt was playing a tiny club next door. i'm glad i get to say i "saw him when" about james blunt
LENNY: speaking of the fray, could jacqueline be any hotter?
IVANA: she's always been very beautiful
LENNY: i wasn't speaking in the paris hilton jargon. i was referring to fray and franz ferdinand
IVANA: yes, jacqueline and her team (j.j. and mike) have a bunch of great records in play. no surprise, franz ferdinand was "most added" two weeks in a row. it's a smash. when she first played it for me, i thought it sounded like ELO, and I meant that as a huge compliment. the fray is from Denver, and when sherri and i saw them at red rocks on friday night, opening for spoon and the killers at a ktcl show, you would've thought they were a multiplatinum band!
LENNY: i think the fray is managed by the son of someone famous
IVANA: scott burton? is he richard burton’s son? spoon went over great at the ktcl show, even though the station isn't playing the band. i swear "i turn my camera on" is a hit. they also drew 5,000 kids at a show they did for wfnx
LENNY: you know i love spoon the best, even more than the chopsticks that i have learned to use while eating sushi
IVANA: after red rocks, sherri and i rushed back to boulder to see pete yorn. i mean, i rushed and sherri was stuck with me
LENNY: wow, your all time all time fave (except for jimmy webb and neil diamond and whatshisname from the who)
IVANA: indeed. it's all about the jewish rock star. although, the past few weeks have been all about the animated rock star
LENNY: who (which) is going on tour
IVANA: it's pretty awesome that bill carroll and howard p. are #1 with the gorillaz. there were many naysayers on that record
LENNY: it's a monster (sorry)
IVANA: i think 30 seconds to mars will also be an ultimate homerun, and i'm not just saying that because i got thanked on the new record!
LENNY: jared leto is a big star
IVANA: the format definitely could use a few more of those
LENNY: stars are good, stars play well on radio and video
IVANA: you know what song i like as much as aqualung?
LENNY: please tell
IVANA: rob dickinson's "my name is love"
LENNY: that's a new one on me, whose is it?
IVANA: it's on sanctuary. rob was the singer in the catherine wheel. this song could be as big as the verve's "bittersweet symphony"
LENNY: wow, i loved that one
IVANA: actually, "my name is love" reminds me more of "lucky man," but it could be bigger than that, even
LENNY: and i feel like a lucky man to be your friend
IVANA: are you high?
IVANA: what's wrong?
LENNY: i am not currently high
IVANA: are you feeling insecure about "us?"
LENNY: i am all good and nothing is wrong. and i am proud to know you. now, can u meet me at an airport
IVANA: oh no. do you have a press release? am i being fired?
LENNY: hired adelson and trakin to work on it
IVANA: talk about high
LENNY: bravery had so many adds this week that you are no longer necessary
IVANA: why would this week be different than any other?
LENNY: interesting point
IVANA: i serve no function except comic relief and pop cultural attache
LENNY: the latter is important
IVANA: hey, sherri and i were rockin' out at james taylor last night
JGUERINOT: glauber to hfs??
oh please. like she has a shot. you don’t have to start being nice to her
why would i start now? xxxooo
IVANA: ask him if nine inch nails will do the festival
LENNY: james taylor, now he's MY all-time favorite
IVANA: i still have to buy my tickets to see the raspberries at house of blues in october
LENNY: i even golfed at pinehurst so i could be in carolina in my mind
IVANA: i'm going to give you some band names to drop when you want to impress people, since it's time to broaden your scope beyond tegan & sara.
LENNY: ok, let's go. ben taylor? coheed & cambria?
IVANA: livingston taylor
LENNY: dredg? kate taylor? james blunt? please, i need all the help i can get, who do i like?
IVANA: morningwood's "nth degree" on capitol
LENNY: i even mentioned that earlier, whatta smash
IVANA: arcade fire, of course
LENNY: of course
IVANA: from august to ashes on vagrant. whatta smash
LENNY: vagrant has good bands
IVANA: definitely. amanda moore will be swamped with all the stuff they have coming out. you love from august to ashes' "inapprope."
IVANA: against me! on fat wreck chords is also genius. they're opening for green day and jimmy eat world at giant stadium!
LENNY: that’s giants stadium as in eli manning and the new york motherfucking football giants
IVANA: um, ok. and the new stellastarr on rca definitely fulfills the promise shown on their last record.
LENNY: i see that one moving quickly, i need to hear it
IVANA: rca's bill burrs is one of my faves. he, bonnie and dennis should be hailed for being #1 most added this week on foo fighters. they also have a b.r.m.c. record coming out that has everyone buzzing
LENNY: dennis blair likes the clippers, whatta guy
IVANA: i heard mark czarra and steph harty are going to go after kaiser chiefs' "i predict a riot" again. very smart! that song is a smash
LENNY: i love that song and think it just got screwed in the avalanche of big record, also mark is a golfer so that is good
IVANA: um, ok. you're going to the vmas in miami, right?
LENNY: yep, same as last year
IVANA: me too. guess i'll see you at the lifebeat show the bravery are playing. we can discuss the 20 pomo stations that added "unconditional" this week, while hanging with tara reid and sean diddy combs
LENNY: he is now just diddy, except on july 4th, when he becomes p doodle dandy
IVANA: that joke is never funny
LENNY: i love that joke
IVANA: it's hard to type with my eyes rolling
LENNY: can we talk about the new coheed song
IVANA: yes
LENNY: “the suffering” is a monster smashola that will make cerrito and dimaio's heads spin with all the action it is gonna get
IVANA: don't forget stu and risa
LENNY: and charlie and will
IVANA: and buffy and jody and mr. french
who are those people
IVANA: didn't you watch family affair?
LENNY: nope
IVANA: anyway, ktbz, wxtm, krox, waqz, khbz, krbz are among the stations already playing "the suffering."
LENNY: well, i hope kaiser chiefs score on their second try, and maybe when emi buys wmg, they will actually break bloc party
IVANA: bloc party is playing kbzt's show with interpol and the bravery
LENNY: when? i might actually want to see that
IVANA: sept. 18, day after kroq inland invasion. which i definitely want to see
LENNY: the 18th is a sunday
IVANA: so?
LENNY: just showing off some knowledge
IVANA: wow, i can see how you became a captain of industry
LENNY: trying to think of a clever retort. failing miserably
IVANA: so say goodnight, gracie
LENNY: but i was having so much fun
IVANA: that makes one of us
LENNY: goodnight, gracie