HITS Daily Double
IVANA: lisa is md at kroq, kevin is back at 91x, the former waaf pd is back there--deja vu all over again!
LENNY: and who gets whfs?
IVANA: i feel like i'm bobby ewing and i was in the shower the whole time.


PoMo Princess Picks Her Boulder Wardrobe; Editurr in Chief Licks His Photo of Tegan & Sara
IVANA: i received an email from my friend, rock legend lenny kaye, wanting to know who the other lenny in my life was. i guess he means you
LENNY: not lenny waronker or heavy lenny?
IVANA: or lenny kravitz?
LENNY: so, can we talk about the changes at kroq in this week's column? i am very upset for matt smith, having to be involved with la's second best basketball team
IVANA: you said this is a huge gig
LENNY: stuck doing pre and post game for the lakers, when the clippers are on fire
IVANA: i can't imagine a better job than being md at kroq, but i hate sports
LENNY: so, when is the lovely lisa back in lala?
IVANA: next week!
LENNY: wow, that was quick.... who is replacing her at whfs?
IVANA: you'll find out soon enough
LENNY: will i be happy?
IVANA: why start now?
LENNY: good point.... let's talk about joe bevilacqua then
IVANA: he starts at ktcl at the end of the month
LENNY: i also hear he has a macro format position at clear channel, no?
IVANA: sure
LENNY: which means what exactly?
IVANA: means i have no idea, and for me to expound upon this, i'd be venturing into "modern jackass" territory
LENNY: ok, then what happens to the "presearch boy" that was in denver
IVANA: i'm going to the station's "channel 93.3 nextfest" at red rocks this friday, so I'll know more next week. the killers are headlining, with spoon on right before them, plus epic band the fray and m. doughty from soul coughing
LENNY: those are all pretty cool acts, wonder if they presearch
IVANA: let's randomly poll 400 people in our database and find out
LENNY: good, presearch is everything, presearch is god, wonder if matt smith is presearching kobe!
IVANA: how many is madden '06 going to sell this week?
LENNY: madden ‘06 is huge
IVANA: millions first week?
LENNY: oh yeah, easy
IVANA: you're a teacher--how can we get kids to value cds and music as much as they do video games?
LENNY: we cannot, we need to get the video companies to pay more to license the music
IVANA: do you think the video companies believe the labels should pay THEM to include their music in the games?
LENNY: i do think they are doing the music co's a favor by putting the music on there, when they could get away with theme music, but i also think both sides know it is mutually beneficial
IVANA: your sighting at the tegan & sara show has sent shockwaves through the industry
LENNY: when do i get to meet tegan and sara
IVANA: why would you do that to them? it's bad enough they had to meet me
LENNY: i love them
IVANA: i'm not sure they'll ever love you back, so can't you admire them from afar?
LENNY: i want to take a pic with them
IVANA: ewww. it's veering into penthouse forum territory now
LENNY: oh please
IVANA: "i'm a gazillionaire entrepreneur and i never thought this would happen to me..."
LENNY: it is nothing sexual, i adore them and want to have a pic with them, i have a pic with john lennon for chrissakes.
LENNY: can't michael plen hook that up? he usta be heavy. let's talk about 30 seconds to mars, how's it looking?
IVANA: jared is looking dreamy as usual, so is his brother shannon, but that’s for my penthouse forum letter
LENNY: is the song a smash?
IVANA: oh absolutely. the cd comes out august 30. bill and howard got wdyl and wrzk this week
good, good.... it is researching, or presearching, or phoning, or doing pregame for the lakers?
IVANA: all of the above and a daily mention in page six
LENNY: strong
IVANA: so cimx added a coheed & cambria song this week!
LENNY: “welcome home” is awesome
IVANA: mtvU added the video for “welcome home” too, didn't they? if radio thinks welcome home is good, wait til they hear "the suffering"--it's a one-listen SMASH
LENNY: yes mtvU and fuse and yahoo and aol and everyone else added “welcome home” and it is great and it is being compared to led zep and they are being written about in the new york times.... but “the suffering” could be the song of the year, so look out. it is so good, it might even presearch
IVANA: we'll let the song stand on its own--i think columbia sent it out today
LENNY: anything else to cover? this column is getting lengthy and i am too old to read small print
IVANA: nickelback was #1 most added today, lisa is md at kroq, kevin stapelford is back at 91x, the former waaf pd is back there--deja vu all over again!
LENNY: and... who gets whfs?
IVANA: i feel like i'm bobby ewing and i was in the shower the whole time. good thing i'm going to the triple a boulder summit this weekend--those faces haven't changed in decades
LENNY: yep, wait til people hear the southland, now that's one great band.... oh, and who gets whfs?
IVANA: maybe they'll bring back calderone
LENNY: and goodnight mrs. calabash, wherever you are
IVANA: and goodnight to dave einstein, the first whfs pd i ever knew