HITS Daily Double
You will be sure to get a full description next week of not only the conference and bands, but also useful travel tips—like what to do when they put you up in the NON-renovated section of a hotel.


While Ms. Adored Makes Her Presence Felt at N.Y.’s CMJ, Erika Tries to Fill Her Jimmy Choos

RE-OFFENDER: You never ask a lady her age, nor do you ask Ivana what number CMJ this is for her. Currently, in an unseasonably warm New York (doesn’t it usually rain during CMJ?), you will be sure to get a full description next week of not only the conference and bands, but also useful travel tips—like what to do when they put you up in the NON-renovated section of a hotel. I’ll tell you what, that next Holiday Inn I arrive at will NOT be happy. *grin*

Ivana also gets to bask in the glory that is Travis tonight. I will be glued to my cell phone in hopes that it will ring, and I can press my ear against the cradle and pretend that I am swaying along at the Beacon to "Re-Offender" or any of the other gems (try "Beautiful Occupation") from 12 Memories. How can I still be such a sap? Funny, but true. Russ at WBUZ was telling me the kids in Nashville are beginning to call about the single; 91X increased spins and Lynn Barstow got a phoner from cutie-pie Neil Primrose (the drummer for all you non-devotees). First-week sales were also impressive, considering many of you are being dorks and not playing Travis. Sorry, it had to be said.

OK, OK, you all know my Travis love runs deep, but can we give it up for this week’s Most Added, Stone Temple Pilots with "All in the Suit That You Wear"? Let’s have a round of applause for Atlantic’s Ron Poore, Bonnie Slifkin and even for new Mom (so what if she’s on maternity leave) Kris Metzdorf. Nice Darkness adds at 91X, KNDD, WWRX and WJSE as well. Maybe they ought to send out some spandex leggings and big-hair wigs (though you know the most important element is ATTITUDE!), so we ALL can be the Darkness for Halloween. I wonder how many of you still have a pair in the back of your closet. Yikes. I just frightened myself at the thought of wearing spandex. Never have, never will—no need to thank me.

Speaking of dress-up, could I please just become Gwyneth Paltrow for a moment? Not without an X-treme Makeover you say? Well, boo. But to have Chris Martin sing "Moses" to me would just be the cat’s pajamas. I’ll just have to listen to the radio and pretend, but at least you can do that, too, with adds from KNRK, WEND, KMBY, WKRL, WRZK, WXTW and WBTZ all soldiering in for Coldplay. Sigh.

OK, more Diet Coke for me so we can press on! I have yet another brilliant idea (OK, so maybe they come few and far between, but humor me). Let’s get Elektra’s Buddy Deal (no stranger to dress-up, just ask KJEE’s Eddie G.), Bill Carroll and Mike DiPippa to all dress in silhouette with iPods in hand, rockin’ out to Jet’s "Are You Gonna Be My Girl." If you haven’t seen the commercial yet, take it from the Queen of TV, Ivana: "Finally a compelling commercial to watch and not SKIP with TiVo." (Why don’t I have one of those?) Don’t miss Thursday’s CMJ Jet show with Story of the Year (my boyfriend’s new favorite) and Billy Talent for some fabulous music.

I know Universal’s Aaron Scott is heading to the Big Apple for the festivities, including shows from The Rapture (who I will be seeing this week at both an Amoeba in-store and on Kimmel) and Mars Volta, while Interscope’s Lenny LaSalandra is the man with your Marilyn Manson tickets and sweet, sweet Jenn Lanchart from Matador is scurrying around with shows from indie (and in-house) darlings Interpol, GBV, Pretty Girls Make Graves and more.

While I hold the fort down in this 90-degree heat, last night I skipped out ofhere as soon as I could for a quickie (no, I haven’t suddenly got pervy on you) dinner with HITS’ own Todd Hensley, Mark Pearson, Hollywood’s Geordie Gillespie, EMC’s head-honcho Kevin Carroll (in town for the much-talked-about and incredibly gifted Joss Stone) and Dayna Talley (who seems to get a shout-out EVERY week!) before joining V2’s Kristie Vogel for Elbow at the Troubadour. It’s like alphabet soup with all these labels.

Wednesday night, we continue what has been called "Strokes week" here in L.A. for a show at the Palladium, where I can hopefully give RCA/J’s Chris Woltman a big hug and definitely a photo. I think after that one SxSW, he got over his camera-shyness. *grin* I am really evil, what happened? I’m also offering up the first round of drinks for my new pal Megan Youngblood, RCA’s local, whom I last saw at the quite magnificent My Morning Jacket show.

Nice adds from KZON, WRZX, WLRS and WRAX, who are all hip to Hoobastank’s "Out of Control." We’re sure that’s what the phones will be as soon as reports start coming in. Don’t forget, in the oh-so-stoic words of KRZQ’s Mat Diablo, "The kids are FIRED up!"

Before I go, let me give a BIG shout-out to my dear Shivvy Shiv, who called me gushing about Pete Yorn (what’s new?) after he stopped by WOXY today for a little visit and acoustic set. Hats off to Pete and Dan Field for making that work; you made many people very happy. Pete also took note of the fact that WOXY is absolutely one of the coolest stations around, hearing Phantom Planet’s "Big Brat" on the car stereo as he drove away into the sunset. Come on, aren’t I allowed a little dramatic license? Last thing, reach out to our pal Alan Smith, who exited WOCL this week, on his cell at 407-474-6985. Take care my friends. xoxo