HITS Daily Double
The only weight-loss methods that work for me are (1) falling head over heels in love (been there, done that); (2) rehab (ditto); (3) being asked to judge a new Fox reality TV show. Taping begins this week—three pounds down, 16 left to lose.


With a Reality TV Appearance Coming Up and Several Pounds to Shed, Ivana's Considering Wearing Her Robe to the Taping
Another cruel aspect of getting older is the one-two punch of gravity’s accelerated toll on the body, coupled with one’s metabolism virtually grinding to a halt. Only Demi Moore (and her surgeon) appears to have escaped this truth. My younger friends (the ones who have yet to utter the rationalization “40 is the new 30”) have found the contents of their closets expanding in direct relation to my own physical expansion. The only weight-loss methods that work for me are (1) falling head over heels in love (been there, done that); (2) rehab (ditto); (3) being asked to judge a new Fox reality TV show. Taping begins this week—three pounds down, 16 left to lose… As we’d hoped/expected, Jane’s Addiction’s first new CD in 13 years, Strays, sold more than 100k this week, which qualified it for a #1 debut on the PoMo chart, finally dethroning Linkin Park from their seemingly permanent reign in the top spot. The Capitol PoMo promo gang is also jubilant after another great week on Yellowcard’s summer smash, “Way Away,” as they reeled in WHFS, Y100, WPBZ, WZNE, KTZO, KNXX and WPLA! WHFS also added my favorite song from the Coldplay CD, “God Put a Smile Upon Your Face,” although I doubt this played a part in Bob Waugh and Patrick Ferrise’s decision-making process… There were some other debuts worth mentioning this week, including the arrival of Jonathan and Desiree Lev’s first child, Griffen Rhodes Lev (what kind of Jewish name is that?), born July 26 at 8:23 a.m. Epic Sr. VP Joel Klaiman and his lovely wife Stephanie are also the proud parents of a son—baby Harrison Reed arrived July 27. In a related story, I spent the weekend alphabetizing thousands of CDs and running errands… A new Nickelback single arrived at radio mere days after Doug Ingold joined Roadrunner. “Someday” was #1 Most Added at PoMo this week by a landslide, with Doug also finding a few new champions for Ill Nino… PoMo heavyweights 311 debuted on the PoMo chart this week following their 85k+ sales bow, as did RCA’s Eve 6, whose new disc, It’s All in Your Head, cracked the Top 20, while “Think Twice” soared to Top 10 PoMo airplay (including a new add at 99X!)… Our friends at Island are urging you to “think Thrice,” as the band’s label debut, The Artist in the Ambulance, bows at over 45k! Howie Miura and Christine Chiappetta, looking particularly fetching in stripes (VP or otherwise), landed Live105, Y100, WFNX, WXTM, WXNR and WSUN on Thrice’s “All That’s Left” this week. They were also sending “Signals Over the Air” that the new Thursday single had arrived, with WXRK, KNDD and CIMX already responding to the call…. Every programmer is saving a slot next week for the arrival of the new A Perfect Circle single, “Weak and Powerless,” unable to resist this incredible anthem. The Virgin squad had another spectacular week on B.R.M.C.’s brilliant “Stop,” including WROX, WEDG, WMRQ, WRAX, WBUZ, WLUM, WARQ and more! Speaking of WARQ, can I just editorialize for a second and point out how great it is to have Dave Stewart back in the PoMo fold? Thank you…. Rancid continues to exponentially gain momentum, as Rob and Heather rate Most Added again with “Fall Back Down,” including KPNT, KRBZ, KCXX, WGRD, WEND and tons more!… Months and months (and months) into the Hot Hot Heat project, Reprise’s Lynn McDonnell and Kurt Steffek are nearing the Top 20 with “Bandages.” New adds this week from WOCL, WWDC and KPNT, plus a re-add at MTV2 adds credence to our theory that researching a song at fewer than 150 spins does everyone a disservice. This song is turning into a bona fide SMASH, even though many of you bailed before your spins hit the triple digits…. Matador Records marked the one-year anniversary of Interpol’s debut release Turn On the Bright Lights with the band’s triumphant appearance on Jimmy Kimmel (drawing the second biggest crowd for the show’s outdoor stage), a star-making performance on Smash (airing this week on the WB) and a MTV VMA nomination. The CD has sold nearly 200,000, without the benefit of saturated airplay (although it hasn’t been for lack of effort). Pay attention to bands like Interpol, Hot Hot Heat, Brand New, The White Stripes, Thrice, AFI, etc., for their success is the blueprint to the format’s future… We were absolutely psyched to see 91X add Jet’s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” Those who pay attention will remember that 91X led the way on The Strokes and The Hives… SONG TO HEAR: The Polyphonic Spree’s “Light & Day” (the orchestral version, of course)… PEOPLE TO WATCH: Dave Wellington, Steve Leeds, Dave Beasing, Susan Groves, Jay Harren, Steven Strick, Geordie Gillespie, Buddy Deal, John DiMaio, Jeff Sodikoff, Marc Young, Mark Hamilton and Seth Resler.