HITS Daily Double
The [Snoop Dogg] show was tha fizzle wizzle (that’s the free beers talking) and an excellent example of how brands and bands can integrate and give fans a compelling experience.


HITS' Jen Polenzani Goes Down to the OC to See the OG at the HOB
by Jen Polenzani

Here I am, my third week at HITS and I’m still alive and enjoying it! Thanks to all of you who have reached out to welcome me back and offer various escape routes. I’m still getting used to the new and nutty surroundings and am a bit exhausted after a long and crazy weekend which culminated Sunday evening with a ride down to the OC (Orange County) to see the OG (Original Gangsta), Snoop Dogg, at the HOB (House of Blues).

Snoop was the most recent artist to take part in Miller’s MGD Pure Night Out program and it was tha full shizzle! The highlight of the evening was Snoop joined on-stage by Nate Dogg and Warren G and my personal memorable moment was Magic Johnson giving me a hi-5! The show was tha fizzle wizzle (that’s the free beers talking) and an excellent example of how brands and bands can integrate and give fans a compelling experience.

Miller Brewing Co. has extensively been involved in music over the past two decades, with their newest campaign, MGD Pure Night Out, the follow-up to the successful MGD Blind Date series. Recent artists have included co-headliners Rhett Miller of the Old 97’s and Evan Dando of the Lemonheads as co-headliners as well as Cypress Hill, Trapt and Wind-Up’s Seether. The six-month urban marketing program targets Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco and consists of weekly events: beer tastings, DJ parties, special events and the monthly concerts which connect MGD with popular artists from singer/songwriter to rap, alternative and indie rock.

The artists play in small venues and the ticket prices are extremely low (not more than $7, including surcharges). I’ll stop rambling on, but this is an example of a brand (MGD) speaking to their core demo (men/women, college educated, 22-35, hipsters) and recognizing and supporting their desires for a more authentic, intimate musical experience.

There is a great opportunity for radio to get involved in these types of programs. Almost every brand out there wants to connect to their demo through music. The best way to promote that connection is through local radio stations via integrated promotions (on-air, onsite and online). More of that to come later.

Congrats go out to my dear friend and former co-worker Julie Muncy who maintains the #1 position this week with R.E.M’s "Bad Day". The band (with Julie in tow as the guardian angel and on-the road promo guru) just wrapped up its North American tour in Atlanta. Michael Stipe made a surprise phone call to the guys from Interpol last week when they were backstage at the Shortlist show. The R.E.M frontman called to play them his rendition of Interpol’s "NYC," which he performed at Madison Square Garden and Jones Beach. The latest single "NYC" is the perfect moody song for APM stations that play Radiohead and Coldplay.

Marc and Norma at DreamWorks are busy with some of the best new music out there as they announce eastmountainsouth’s next single, "Rain Comes Down." (Hopefully the live version will be coming soon, once they clear the rights to use Eminem’s "Lose Yourself.") My favorite, Rufus Wainwright (who will begin a headlining tour in mid Nov.), is enjoying his most well-received album to date, with over 30,000 sold in the first two weeks and amazing press, including an LA Times Calendar rave. Los Lonely Boys continue to take the APM world by storm with a great add on "Heaven" from KFOG. Hailey told me that their performance in Boulder was one of the best live shows that she’s seen in a long time. If you haven’t seen them be sure to catch the guys when they tour with Robert Randolph.

KCRW’s Nick Harcourt played The Thrills’ "Your Love is Like Las Vegas" the other day and it sounded FABULOUS on the radio. Spend some time with this album, the single, "One Horse Town," is building momentum at APM. Plus, how can you resist a band that was nominated for a Mercury Music Prize along with Coldplay and Radiohead? Music that I’m loving: Guster "Careful," Ryan Adams "So Alive," Howie Day "Perfect Time of Day," Joss Stone "Fell In Love With A Boy" and Damien Rice " Volcano."

Until further notice, or I make my escape, email me at [email protected].