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American Life Clicks with America, Will Debut #1
At the dawn of the New American Century proclaimed by the Bush Administration, their CIA pals down in Florida and the great state of Texas, it’s reassuring to have an album detailing what it means to be American from an artist who represents nothing more than what it means to succeed in America.

We are blathering on, of course, about the one and only Madonna, whose American Life (Warner Bros.) is on track to sell over 200k for the week, with a shot at reaching 250k, according to early reports from national accounts.

That’ll be good for #1 on next week’s chart, which is right up there with baseball, apple pie and Chevrolet, if you ask us, dagnabbit.

Oh, wait a minute—you didn’t ask? That’s okay, but check this out: This week’s #1 album, Kelly Clarkson’s Thankful (RCA), should experience a typical 40-50% falloff, especially since the week after Easter usually sees dramatic decreases following the dramatic increases (see this week’s chart—what goes up must come down). Now, unless Clarkson seriously bucks the trend, Madonna should have a clean shot at the top spot.

In the event Clarkson’s album does buck the trend, however, we could have an Idol-Diva throwdown. We’ll know more as the week wears on, and as soon as we know (or think we do), you’ll know. Now go out there, be American and live your life.