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New Led Zeppelin Product Going Fast

Stoners throughout the nation spoke with one voice Tuesday, flicking their Bics and opening their wallets-on-a-chain to peel for the hotly anticipated new Led Zeppelin releases.

Wait... gotta finish ripping this load.

Okay (cough)... According to early reports from national accounts, the Mighty Zep’s new three-CD package of live recordings from two L.A. concerts in 1972, How the West Was Won (Atlantic), will easily sell 100k and may go as high as 120k for the week. That puts the proto-metal document in the hunt for #1 next week, assuming both Staind and Deftones do the usual settling of about 50% after their first-week splashes.

Meanwhile, the two-disc video release, Led Zeppelin DVD (WSM) has seen surprisingly high demand, keeping pace with the CD package at most accounts. Some stock issues are being reported already; how these are addressed will determine how well the DVD fares in the next five days. Assuming the trucks keep rolling, it could to do 80k for the week—an extraordinary number for a music release.

Whoa... time to find our Houses of the Holy t-shirt in the laundry pile and jet to the store for a sixer. Check you later, bro.