HITS Daily Double


It’s the Biggest October Opening Ever
It’s Halloween week and yet another horror flick has smashed the pumpkin to become the box office champ.

Scary Movie 3 raked in $49.7 million, the biggest October debut ever. The flick was directed by David Zucker, part of the team that brought you Airplane! And The Naked Gun, helping to bring the franchise back to life. The PG-13 rating also seemed to help bring in the younger dollars.

Last week’s #1 movie, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, dropped to second on sales of $14.7 million. Bowing in third was the feel-good hit of the year, Radio, starring Cuba Gooding Jr. in either the sequel to The Boat Trip or as a mentally disabled man who helps inspire a football team.

Here’s the rest of the Top 10: #4 Runaway Jury ($8.4m); #5 Mystic River ($7.6m); #6 The School of Rock ($6.5); #7 Kill Bill, Vol. 1 ($6m); #8 Good Boy! ($4.85m); #9 Intolerable Cruelty ($3.6m); #10 Under the Tuscan Sun ($2.2m).