HITS Daily Double
I think 1981 was also the year I saw my first Iggy Pop show. He was the most exciting live performer I’d ever seen, and the same still holds true now.


Ivana Attends Three Weddings and No Funerals, Doesn’t Catch the Bouquet

I used to have an outgoing message on my office voicemail that said, "I’m either away from the phone or hiding under my desk." For the first time in over a decade, I’m feeling equally wobbly, for which I have no one to blame but myself (although I’ll let my nearest-and-dearest believe otherwise). By coincidence, Erika, Jenn (the newest addition to the Rock2k department) and I attended three different weddings this past weekend. While this has no relation to my current arrested state, when offered the choice between a wedding and root canal (without anesthesia), I will pick the latter. Unlike many (most?) women, I’ve never dreamed of my wedding day (except as a nightmare), and the only part I’d find remotely appealing is choosing the perfect band for the occasion. If I knew I could get Peter Gabriel back in Genesis, I’d consider setting a date. All patented cynicism aside, I’m actually looking forward to the upcoming nuptials of one of my best friends, even though it falls on the same date as KCRW’s annual concert (with the Polyphonic Spree!) and a Todd Rundgren show at the Canyon Club in Agoura. Hey, I wonder if the Spree or Todd would play my wedding?!?

Before my mind takes another detour, there are many whose achievements this week deserve acknowledgement and group hugs. KROQ’s summer book (4.4-4.7) is noteworthy, and it will be exciting to see the impact last month’s monstrously successful Inland Invasion will have on the next trend. Two hours south of L.A. (if you take the toll road and average 80mph), our friends at KBZT beat 91X 12+ (as well as every other demo). At nights, during "Big Sonic Chill," KBZT is #1 in San Diego in its coveted 25-34 demo and #2 males 18-34 (behind baseball). Garett and Halloran marked the event by adding Jet’s "Are You Gonna Be My Girl," Audioslave’s "I Am the Highway" (if there was ever a band that appeals to every faction of the 18-34 demo…) and Coldplay’s most genius new single, "Moses." While most of my office is glued to whatever playoff game is on TV, I would like to direct your attention to Y100, WBCN, WHFS, Q101, CIMX and others in the PoMo format, whose summer book reflected increased ratings. Up is good. Worth commending, in fact.

On the label side, Geffen’s Gary Spivack continues to bogart the #1 Most Added spot for the second week in a row. Last week, it was Blink-182’s "Feeling This" (which is already Top 15) and today he’s reigning supreme with Puddle of Mudd’s "Away From Here." Lots of early interest in new band Lo-Pro (including way early airplay at CIMX and KROX), which is on Geffen, through Aaron Lewis413 Records, and is comprised of members of Ultraspank, Snot and Godsmack. All my favorites (especially their early, funny work).

It’s been suggested (by those watching the playoff game in the next office) that I attend CMJ next week. This, of course, reminds me of the first CMJ Convention, which I attended, back in 1981. I was the MD at my college station, and I remember being absolutely petrified that everyone would think I was a dork (some things remain consistent more than 20 years later). I think 1981 was also the year I saw my first Iggy Pop show. He was the most exciting live performer I’d ever seen, and the same still holds true now. There is no way to overstate Iggy’s importance to the PoMo format. His influence is evident every time I hear Jet, Jane’s Addiction, The Strokes, The White Stripes, Foo Fighters, The Distillers, Blink-182 or countless others on KROQ. While I’ve been known to fall victim to my own sense of nostalgia (I wanted to see Yes at Arrowfest), Iggy’s current single, "Little Know It All," should be played based on its merits as a new song. Steve, Hilary, Howard, Jenni, Chris and the other Virgins had an incredible week at PoMo, including Live105, Y100, KNDD, KEDJ, WBUZ, KMYZ, KRZQ and more! Let him show those young whippersnappers how it’s done!

Our favorite young’uns (compared to us, at least) Hoobastank were #2 Most Added at PoMo with "Out of Control," as Howie and Christine reeled in another 30+ adds, including WHFS, KNRK, KEDJ, WBUZ, WWRX, WBRU, WAQZ, WMFS, WPBZ, WJBX and tons more. How cool!

Although next week’s trip to NYC means I’ll miss THREE local Strokes shows, TWO Phantom Planet dates at the Roxy, as well as a Hoobastank show, I will get to see Travis at the Beacon and Interpol at Roseland (in addition to the millions of CMJ bands I want to see). I’m saving a spot on my dancecard to catch Jet at Irving Plaza, where Elektra’s Bill Carroll and I can belatedly celebrate the band’s debut at #14 on the HITS PostModern Chart and nearly 20k sales debut! Either that, or I’ll be in my hotel room having another panic attack. It could really go either way at this point, although I’m counting on my love for Jet conquering all.

I just had a flashback about the time Simon F. played Irving Plaza during CMJ (his single was a horrendous cover of the Hoodoo Gurus’ "I Want You Back"), and Geoffrey Weiss and I heckled from the balcony.

Happy belated birthday to Columbia goddess Stephanie Harty. She celebrated with another great week on Switchfoot and The Ataris. She rules.

The Darkness. #1 phones K-Rock. #6 phones WBCN. Added this week at KRZQ. Thank you…. SONG TO HEAR: Pete Yorn’s "All At Once."

PEOPLE TO WATCH: Suzie Dunn, Bill Burrs, Kerry Marsico, Nancy Stevens, Mike Stern, Dave Beasing, Marco Collins, Shannah Miller, Jon Cohen, Mike Peer, Aaron Scott and Jay Harren.