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"mtvU won’t just be TV. We’re going to be a resource for students’ lives, everywhere they are, when they’re in their dorm rooms, surfing the net, or walking across campus."
——Van Toffler, MTV/MTV2/mtvU President


MTV Relaunches College Television Network with New Name Jan. 20
Looks like MTV chief Van Toffler’s going back to school.

The music video channel announced today that the network’s college network will officially relaunch as mtvU on Jan. 20.

The channel, formally CTN: College Television Network, was acquired by MTV in October 2002. The channel is dedicated to every aspect of college life through a three pronged approach—on-air, online and on campus. mtvU will feature music programming, news, student life features, events, pro-social initiatives and more.

"mtvU will be all about U, the university—but more importantly, U, the student," said mtvU GM Stephen Friedman, who admitted attending the School of Hard Knocks. "Just as college students are experimenting with their lives, we want to be a laboratory for what’s new, whether it be new music or recognizing the talents of the students themselves."

Added Toffler, who reportedly has a doctorate in schmoozing. "mtvU won’t just be TV. We’re going to be a resource for students’ lives, everywhere they are, when they’re in their dorm rooms, surfing the net, or walking across campus. Students don’t just want entertainment, so we’ll also provide them the practical resources they’re demanding on everything from jobs to travel to dating to where to get fake IDs so they can buy beer at the local 7-Eleven."

mtvU announced today the channel’s first music initiative, "The Cut," to highlight breaking artists.

  • "The Cut" will be a stamp placed on select artists’ videos, designating the video as recommended. In addition, students will also be able to access free exclusive downloads of "The Cut" artists’ music on mtvU.com.
  • The first set artists to be chosen by mtvU as part of "The Cut" include Howie Day, Butterfly Boucher, Atmosphere, Death Cab for Cutie, Dizzie Rascal and Joss Stone.

Other initiatives offered for mtvU campuses:

  • "You Want It, You Got It" Contest will underscores the channel’s commitment to empowering students by allowing the winners to pick the prize they want—anything from a year of tuition to a car with free gas to a tricked out dorm room.
  • The "Stand In" Contest will bring icons into classrooms to be teacher for a day—including Marilyn Manson, who will teach about music and marketing. Other "Stand Ins" include Pulitzer Prize-winning author Frank McCourt teaching literature and civil rights leader Jesse Jackson informing about racism and the law.
  • "mtvU Grants": Will partner with YouthVenture to give a $1,500 mtvU Grant to a young social activist every single week of the school year. The grants will not only recognize the activists’ achievements, but will jumpstart a community initiative.

mtvU’s inaugural class of VJs: ChiChi Nnadi, Gardner Loulan, George Oliphant, Maria Sansone, Mayleen Ramey and Mimi Kalinda. mtvU will also continue to work with CBS News (featuring mtvU CBS News Anchor Brianna Keilar) and MTV News to deliver hourly updates covering a variety of issues.

The majority of mtvU’s programming will continue to be short-form to accommodate the fast-paced, hectic nature of college life. mtvU will also continue to air the weekly series The Freshman, featuring the latest new music on the network, along with the Dean’s List, a weekly video countdown show airing the most popular videos of the week as determined by fans on mtvU.com.