HITS Daily Double


Speed-Rapper’s New Jams are the Bomb with People Who Still Buy Records
Finally, an album to lift the chart back over the 100k threshold.

Indeed, after two weeks of album charts with sub-100k toppers, Chicago speed-rapper Twista is here to restore our sense of respectability: His latest album for Craig Kallman and Atlantic, Kamikaze, is on track to easily sell not 100, but 200k for the week, according to early reports from national accounts.

Now the question is whether enough stock will be available to keep up with demand for the T-man’s new offering, which is selling well in excess of expectations. With a $13.98 list price, the album is being blown out at Target, Circuit City and Kmart for $8.99 and at Best Buy for $9.99. Restocking is expected to be an issue, as storms continue to batter the Midwest and East Coast; but if possible shortages are covered in time, Twista’s total for the week could go up—possibly as high as 250k, according to some retail Einsteins.

Regardless, Twista will be next week’s #1 album.

While the album chart has been dampened lately by lower volume at the top, the market overall is showing decided signs of life: For the year so far, album sales are up some 10.5% (4.4 million units) compared to last year. The past week also compares favorably to last year, also logging a 10% improvement (one million units) over the same week last year.

As for other notable releases, look for Razor & Tie’s two-disc club compilation, Fired Up, to move upwards of 40k for the week, which should be good for a Top 20 chart debut. The set has sold briskly through direct-response TV ads and is now hitting stores.

If your direct response to the foregoing has been to gag, choke or spit, we apologize.