HITS Daily Double


Soulstress’s Sophomore Disc to Settle,
but Stay #1
Dude, Ashanti’s hhhhhhhot.

So are Beyoncé, Michelle Branch, Evanescence and Norah Jones, who all remained in the Top 10 this week. But it is Ashanti, and only Ashanti, who will remain at #1 on next week’s chart.

According to those early reports from national accounts we’re so fond of saying stuff according to, the Murder Inc./IDJ sophomore will sell more than enough over the course of the current week to stay on top. Look for Chapter II to fall off its first- week high-water mark by the usual half or so (see Beyoncé’s second week, which shed 44% of her 316k debut to 186k). That’ll bring it in somewhere under 200k, but as we said, that’s plenty to hang on to #1.

The top debuts headed for next week’s chart appear to be Virgin’s Thalia in her eponymous English-language debut, and Country stalwart Trace AdkinsGreatest Hits Collection Vol. 1 (Capitol), each of which should log about 50k for the week.

Remember, 50k charts a lot higher than it used to. Both records could squeak into next week’s Top 10, depending on how things go for those already there.

Worth noting in the case of Thalia is that Kmart is leading the way on her title big time, having priced it at a low, low $7.77. The reason? Why, Kmart is introducing a new ladies’ fashion line with the Mexican crossover star’s name on it, of course.

Move over, Martha Stewart. There's a new cross-promoter in town.